Return to Eden – A Return to Wholeness and Illumination December 3 – 6, 2014

A very special 4-day retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii - Return to Eden is about the resilience and illumination of the human spirit and the rejuvenation of your soul with the teachings of shamanism and the sacred spirits of place.
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Our four year training is carefully and skillfully designed to support your journey of self-discovery and awakening to the beauty and power within you...Click Here to Learn More
Delve deeply into the shamanic teachings of Lynn Andrews and the Sisterhood of the Shields through intensive, four-week Online Courses.
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These online video workshops provide a dynamic way of studying shamanism with Lynn Andrews, designed to guide you towards your own personal transformation and growth.
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Join people from all over the world for four unforgettable days of drumming, dancing, meditation, teachings, sacred art and a Sacred Fire Ceremony with Lynn Andrews.
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Crafted with a shamanic energy, Writing Spirit, The School is designed to shake you up and move you out of your own way, using writing as the tool for discovering your creative soul.
Join with like-minded people in your community and share the magic of Lynn's teachings! Agnes Whistling Elk gave her name to these free, very special community-based groups, that they could grow and flourish. Click here for more

How do we reclaim the things that have been lost to modern living: those most sacred and wise parts of ourselves that cry out to be acknowledged...
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Creating sacred art is a way of manifesting spirit into physical form. Each piece is an expression of the essence of spiritual awakening for the apprentice on the journey towards enlightenment...
Thank you so much for coming to my website. I hope you enjoy it. It is my life's work and a great honor and privilege to bring these teachings to you. I am here to serve you spiritually in any way that you need.

Prayer is our heart song to life and the Great Spirit. I think what is important is that you believe in yourself and your relationship to the Divine, whatever that is for you.

Play like the wind, warm and clear; touch the waves of the sea and the leaves of the trees and REMEMBER your ancient language. Live your life as an arrow, not as a target, and let go of what no longer serves you.