Councils of the Whistling Elk

Information about the Councils

Councils of the Whistling ElkCouncils are a result of the many Shamanic training events led by Lynn Andrews over the years. Councils come together to share in the Sacred tasks and Teachings created by Lynn and the Sisterhood of the Shields, providing us with the Sacred space and opportunity to explore our Shaman selves in deep and often profound ways. Councils also provide the latest news regarding Lynn’s workshops, training, and new book releases.

Check out the current Councils below. If you are interested in participating in a Council in your area, use our email form BELOW and request more information.

Even if there is no Council in your area at present, please feel free to email your information, and you will be contacted as soon as one is organized.

In the form below, please provide the time zone to help us find a council near you.

National Council Directory (USA)


East Bay Council meets a few times each year.

Eastern Sierra Council (Owens Valley) meets during the summer only.

Free Spirits Council in Jackson, CA meets monthly.


Miami Council of the Whistling Elk meets monthly.  Every other month is a Virtual Council meeting. May 25, 2022 at 7:00 PM is the next virtual council meeting.

* You do not have to live in Miami to attend to our Virtual Council every other month. 

 Painted Pony Council in Ocala meets every other month.  Our next meeting is in May.


The Butterfly Council in Boston meets monthly.  


Ancient Wisdom Council in Sterling Heights meets monthly, virtually right now.  

Virtual Only Councils

Virtual Mystical Council meets every 3 weeks on Sundays.  Our first council meeting was January 30, 2022 and every 3 weeks after that.

Sacred Wisdom Cyber Council meets monthly.  

International Council Directory


Toronto Council of the Whistling Elk meets monthly, virtually for now.


 Gallery of Council Activity

  Mask making with the Arizona Council



Miami Council Meeting

Rainbow Altar Cloth: made from fibers from all Council members, and travels around the world to all the different Councils. Here it is visiting the Miami Council

Miami Council Whistling Elk Gathering

Miami Council Whistling of the Elk Gathering 2022


Here is the Rainbow Altar Cloth with the Arizona Council



 Here is the Rainbow Altar Cloth being used by the Boston Council




The Boston Butterfly Council

The Ancient Wisdom Council in Michigan were the next to receive the Altar Cloth!