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1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer MP3

It is my belief and experience that to heal this Great Mother Earth, we must first heal the consciousness of the human beings that live on this earth.  The sacred medicine drums of the Sisterhood of the Shields are a way of transcending the limitations of words, of language, the limitations of culture and sex, and the definitions of form from the animal kingdom to the human kingdom and so on into the laws of power. 

The sound of the heartbeat of Mother Earth is the first music that any of us have ever heard, the heartbeat of our mother before birth.  I give thanks Great Spirit.  I give thanks to the great elk for this experience, for this opportunity.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love that you demonstrate within this sacred giveaway.  I thank you great towering trees that give us shade and food and beauty to inspire us.  I thank you for your giveaway, for the form of these sacred drums.  I release your spirits to the universe of mystery.  Each and every one of us is here in a dedication of spirit and kinship for the healing of Great Earth Mother, for the healing of each and every one of us.  We are warriors of spirit and we unite in the war against ignorance that challenges our environment and our sacred path of heart.  I release to you the grandparents, the elk and tree spirits that surround us.  Thank you spirit world for tending to us so well.  Ho!  Lynn V. Andrews. Click here to purchase 1992 JT Drumming the Sacred Dreamer.


  • Ho!

  • The drum feels like an extension of Mother Earth’s heart beat. When I play it in any way, it drops me down into a sacred place of connection and transformation. The way Lynn expresses it here and in her teachings is so powerful for me, really resonating with my heart. Thank you for posting these. Much Love.

  • Having a drum has been a powerful way to connect to Spirit, to myself, and to others. So much so that I have bought and created eigth of them so I could do drum circles with people that did not have theirs already. It has brought me great joy and healing over the years.

  • This was my first Joshua Tree. It was a profound experience to my own medicine drum. It led to 8 more years of a beautiful apprenticeship into Lynn’s teachings.

  • I attended this JT event with my dear friend Sandra. This was a life changing experience for both of us. We made drums for the sacred art. I still have the drum and the wonderful memories. I am so grateful these teachings have found their way back to Lynn’s store.


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