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Medicine Woman Series Books, MP3's and Online Courses

Lynn takes you with her as she goes on inward journeys with the help of the Sisterhood of the Shields.

Join Lynn as she is initiated into the Sisterhood and creates her own shield, which will show her the nature of her spiritual path (
Spirit Woman). Follow her to the Yucatan, where the medicine wheel leads her, and she is faced with the terrifying reality of the butterfly tree (Jaguar Woman). Enter the Dreamtime with her, where she emerges in medieval England as Catherine, and encounters the Grandmother, who offers to show Andrews how to make her life one of goodness, power, adventure, and love (The Woman of Wyrrd).

Not all these stories describe the Lynn's own spiritual experiences. Meet Sin Corazón, an initiate into the Sisterhood, whose husband abandons her. She nearly succumbs to her inner dark power and unleashes her rage on men and the Sisterhood (
Dark Sister) or about the elder women of the Sisterhood: their loves, their lives, their losses (Tree of Dreams).

Lynn shows us how to channel our own spiritual and intellectual energy and balance the need for love with the desire for power (
Love and Power). Lynn takes you on numerous spiritual journeys that inevitably uplift.

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