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A Circle is only as strong as its members — and Lynn wants you to join her Circle of Community! Today, Lynn V. Andrews is recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment, and has touched the hearts and lives of many people. Lynn strives to be an ongoing force in our awakening consciousness, and the appreciation of the work of Spirit in our lives. Lynn values each member of her community, and invites you to join her in spirit with others.

There are many ways you can join Lynn’s Circle of Community:

Councils of the Whistling Elk – The Sisterhood of the Shields supports Councils in various locations around the World. Led by those who are well-versed in the teachings of the Sisterhood through Lynn, these groups offer live experiential opportunities to delve more deeply into the world of personal power and love in an ever-changing world.

Directory of Ministers – Graduates of Lynn Andrews’ Mystery School who have chosen a ministerial path  offer their services.

Kindred Spirits Program — This is a closed community, open only to those who have completed the Mystery School.

Circle of Life – A Non-Profit dedicated to Education and Service for the World Community.

Phone Session with Lynn Andrews – You can work directly with Lynn! She offers this service for a fee to discuss spiritual growth and healing with Lynn Andrews.

Public Events and Conferences –  Check out Lynn’s Calendar of Events, and find when she will be in your area!