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  • Becoming Aware of Your Resistance: The Key to Surfing and Surviving the Chaos of Today's Uncertain World - August 2020 - Spiritual Life Magazine, #66. Visit it to read and click on the surf picture.
  • Living a Life of Magic - October 2008 - PDF from Edge Life, A holistic Journal
  • City AZ Magazine, - "Lynn Andrews, 21st Century Shaman"


Lynn’s work is beloved by millions who have read her books over the past several decades. Here are some sentiments shared by a few of Lynn’s many colleagues, contemporaries, and friends:

Marianne Williamson says, “Lynn Andrews is one of my favorite writers. She helps every woman find a sense of her own importance.” ( ~Marianne Williamson, Author of “Return to Love” and “A Woman¹s Worth”) With regard to Lynn’s latest publication, “Tree of Dreams”, Marianne says, “Once again, Lynn Andrews looks to the Sisterhood of the Shields for guidance and illumination. She places in their hands her vulnerability and ours, as she reveals the deeper fears and grief of every maturing woman. Her teachers heal her, and they heal us. Lynn Andrews has shared with us her magic once again.” ( ~Marianne Williamson)

Dannion Brinkley says, “Lynn is one of the most profound people of our time. Her work in the shamanistic traditions has provided effective guidance to me and many others looking for answers. I love her!” ( ~Dannion Brinkley, Author of “Saved by the Light”.

Meg Blackburn Losey says “From  Medicine Woman to Writing Spirit, Lynn Andrews has consistently and  beautifully continued  to bring to her readers the depth and truth  of human spirit. Reaching far beyond the everyday illusions, Lynn brings to  her readers timeless wisdom through the depth of her vivid experiences. Her  candor touches the heart beyond measure.” ( ~Meg Blackburn Losey,  Ph.D., Author of The Children of Now)

New Dimensions Radio reports, “Her extraordinary journey into the unknown leads to dazzling new worlds of the mind and spirit. Through a wealth of practical shamanistic lore interwoven with tales of sorcery, Andrews reveals both the challenges and the rewards of the sacred quest.” ( ~New Dimensions Radio)

The Los Angeles Herald Examiner reports, “Lynn Andrews is a quietly powerful phenomenon.” ( ~Los Angeles Herald Examiner)

The Los Angeles Times reports, “Andrews’ narrative opens a window onto an aspect of Native American culture seldom explored. Her portrayal of the pre-eminently sacred role of woman and the traditions that keep their ancient wisdom are remarkably accurate.” ( ~Los Angeles Times)

Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey says, “I have known Lynn Andrews’ work for some 20 years and have known her personally in the last few years. Her work has touched the hearts and lives of many people and has been an ongoing force in our awakening consicousness and the appreciation of the action of spirit in our lives. Her books are true classics.” ( ~Dr. Gladess Taylor McGarey, M.D., Scottsdale Holistic Medical Group.)

Dr.Susan M. Lark says with regard to Lynn’s book, “Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds”, “This beautifully and sensitively written book should be a helpful guide to all women going through menopause. It describes the spiritual dimensions of one of the most important transitions in a woman’s life. I highly recommend it.” ( ~Susan M. Lark, M.D., author of “Women’s Menopause Self-Help Book)

Roger Cantu says,”Walk in Balance” is a powerful collection of wisdom for the ages. In this book, Lynn Andrews has masterfully recapitulated the knowledge she has gained from many masters. If you follow the daily meditations, this book becomes a great tool of inspiration and empowerment. If you have a question, just open the book and read a passage. This book serves as a personal oracle as well. I truly believe that this is a most inspirational and practical guide to inner personal growth and development.” ( ~Roger Cantu, author of Powerful Mental Development, Director of the Los Angeles Meditation Center)

Pa’Ris’Ha-T’Sali’gi, says with regard to Lynn’s book, “Tree of Dreams”, “This book is right on time as always Lynn! It is awesome! I celebrate your Medicine gifts and this book brings them to us up front and personal. We are moving into the fifth world and people are realizing that they are different and that a maturing is happening for all ages. Your book is the heart of all this and will take us through the final transition. Your magic is water to our parched souls, and your clarity brings it to each of us on a personal level, and we are liberated with your guidance. No one does it better Beloved Sister.” ( ~Pa’Ris’Ha-T’Sali’gi, Eastern Band Cherokee heritage. One of thirteen Grandmothers with “Elders Without Borders” organized by William Commanda, Algonquin Elder, which consists of thirteen appointed Grandfathers and thirteen Grandmothers.

Carol Simone says, “For me, Lynn has been a role model of the highest order.  Her words and actions gave me permission and confidence to create a life led by Spirit and passion.  She is the teacher’s teacher: powerful, compassionate, open, intuitive, shamanic, wise, funny, and her teachings are cradled in Oneness.  There would be no way I could express how grateful I am for the energy she has transmitted to free women and all living beings to help us soar.  She is a treasure and a trailblazer.  I feel so blessed to experience her consciousness and courage.”

Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, Scottsdale Holistic Medical Group: I have known Lynn Andrews’ work for some 20 years and have known her personally in the last few years. Her work has touched the hearts and lives of many people and has been an ongoing force in our awakening consciousness and the appreciation of the action of spirit in our lives. Her books are true classics.