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Commitment Card from Lynn Andrews Power Deck

Materialize your dreams and begin to live them. Build that magnificent dream lodge within you with total commitment. You need only the commitment to walk down the path through the gateway into your true destiny.  ~“Commitment” card, The Power Deck

This is a time of great planetary change, a time of moving away from the constrictions of mass thinking and into higher levels of perception. In a sense, the universe, itself, is asking us to reorder our thinking, to stand in the center of our own circle of truth and take responsibility for our reality and our illumination as we manifest our own awareness and dreams for life.

We are all feeling the call. And every day, I challenge myself and my staff to find vibrant new ways to serve you.

It is my privilege and pleasure to offer you these Online Video Workshops, a dynamic way of entering the different lodges of shamanism by focusing on individual teachings. This gives you the opportunity to find and integrate a new vision for living into your life as you explore the transformational magic and wisdom of shamanism at your own pace.

Come, traverse the dimensions of higher awareness with me now as you claim your power, your destiny and your own healing in life!

In Spirit,

Lynn Andrews

About the Online Video Workshops

Each Online Video Workshop includes the following downloadable Multi-Media Components:

  • MP4 - A Video Lecture by Lynn Andrews created specifically for each Workshop (a very large file for downloading to a computer/laptop)
  • MP3 -  An Audio meditation with Lynn
  • PDF -  A Comprehensive Document of “Guide to the Workshop Teachings”

Once you download these components to your computer, they will be yours to keep forever!

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from one of Lynn's graduates.


You can purchase the workshop below which once you have paid you will be registered. After completion of your purchase, you will receive a link on your confirmation page to download a PDF with links to a folder with each of the items for the workshop.  Complete information for each Workshop will be available to you on the individual Workshop pages as they come up.

Important Notice: To participate in these Video Workshops, you will need a desktop or laptop computer and have an MP4 video player for MAC or PC. The same player will that plays your MP4 video will also play your MP3 audio file of the Workshop. Also, it is best that you have the most current versions of your browser whether it is Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. All of which are available free of charge from the respective suppliers depending on your operating system. The MP4 video files to download are around 300-400MB and will take some time to download depending on your internet speed.

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