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Now in the Store! 1994 Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds - The Feminine Rites of Passage MP3 Pkg

Now in the Store! 1994 Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds - The Feminine Rites of Passage MP3 Pkg

This is a Rites of Feminine Passage.  No woman stands in a place of power without reason.  She can develop her awareness by examining everything closely.  Looked at properly, an object will cry out to you.  When you know enough, you will know much about a person by the way that she picks up a glass or a pencil.  You can see a thousand things in action.  You can know all about a huntress by the way she builds a fire, just as you can know about a bird by the way it builds its nest.

The Feminine Rites of Passage are ceremonies that originate from the teachings of the sacred gourd and have many, many different aspects.  These aspects can be placed around a sacred wheel in the four directions.  How you work with the actual gourd is how you begin to understand your own feminine energy or wombness, and helps you to understand yourself and your passages through life.


Know that infact there is all time and there is no time.  On the relative plane we really experience time as part of the time/space continuum.  It is a relative world that we live in unlike any other.

NEW MP3! 1997 JT Unveiling the Mysteries of Time

We are tied to this world by our beliefs and our point of view.  We are literally in bondage to the way that we see ourselves, and thus to who we are in the world.  I am going to ask you first to look and see where and how your energy is tied up in knots.  And then to consciously shift your perspective, your point of view, and be fully present in the moment, freeing yourself from this bondage forever.Whenever your spiritual journey and yearning and exploring takes you up against the edge of the unknown, it is then that you must continue to explore your deepest being for the most simple and obvious answers that have probably always been there for you.  But we as human beings want to complicate our lives.  We think that a syllogism, the truth, is not worthy if it is not full of words that are hard to understand or are obscure.  If they are not formulas that are complicated and difficult to understand, we think that they are meaningful.  We do this to ourselves all the time.  We complicate the journey toward enlightenment by adding knowledge, by adding technocracy, by adding confusion, when in actuality it is a process of stripping away.
The Lodge of Joy: Becoming a Light in the World

The Lodge of Joy: Becoming a Light in the World

Joy is subtle, and seems delicate, but like the flower, when the petals are smashed, the scent becomes stronger. Joy is always there, but you must ...

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