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Lynn's Legacy Continues!

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Lynn's Legacy Continues! Opportunities to Study Lynn's Teachings

The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School

The Shaman
Mystery School

Our four year training is carefully and skillfully designed to support your journey of self-discovery and awakening to the beauty and power within you... Learn More >>
Writing Spirit, The School

Writing Spirit,
The School

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a writer? Is there a Story inside you wanting to be born? Find Your Voice! Discover the book within You. Get The Details >>
Shaman Apprentice Gallery of Sacred Art

Shaman Apprentice
Gallery of Art

Created by my apprentices, each piece of sacred is an expression of the essence of spiritual awakening on the journey towards enlightenment. View Gallery >>
Sisterhood of the Shields

Sisterhood of the Shields

How do we reclaim the things that have been lost to modern living: those most sacred and wise parts of ourselves that cry out to be acknowledged... Learn More About the Sisterhood >>
Councils of the Whistling Elk

Councils of the Whistling Elk

Join with like-minded people in your community and share the magic of Lynn’s teachings! Agnes Whistling Elk gave her name to these free, very special community-based groups, that they could grow and flourish... Find a Group in Your Area! >>