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NEW MP3! 1997 JT Unveiling the Mysteries of Time

We are tied to this world by our beliefs and our point of view.  We are literally in bondage to the way that we see ourselves, and thus to who we are in the world.  I am going to ask you first to look and see where and how your energy is tied up in knots.  And then to consciously shift your perspective, your point of view, and be fully present in the moment, freeing yourself from this bondage forever.

Excerpt from the 1997 JT Unveiling the Mysteries of Time MP3 package.

 Know that infact there is all time and there is no time.  On the relative plane we really experience time as part of the time/space continuum.  It is a relative world that we live in unlike any other.

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  • I am so glad to see this is really issued! It is such a powerful and foundational teaching. Filled with such joy and freedom. i’m sure everyone has their favorite quotes, but one of mine is, ”Your power depends on your use of time.”

    Kathleen Schofield

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