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Fiona's Journey with Lynn and the Prayer Sticks


Lynn at JT with Prayer Sticks

Come gather round me and I will take you on my journey. There is a fire burning bright and I have placed stones of petrified wood around the fire for you to sit upon. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to add wood to the fire to keep you warm. I appreciate you joining me and listening to my story.

I will begin.

As I was sitting at Lynn’s bed side the night before she left her earth walk my senses were heightened unlike I can ever remember experiencing before. I had my eyes closed, resting my forehead on the side rail of her bed and holding her beautiful hand. I asked her what do we do with all the prayers sticks from past JT’s. Instantaneously came her reply. “Sweetie burn them in a sacred fire. You know how". I made a promise that we would but I wasn’t sure when how or where.

This past Storm Eagle I was sharing with Maria about this commitment I had with Lynn and I then made a commitment to Lynn and the Sisterhood with Maria as a witness that I would prepare a gathering in January for a Sacred Fire.

I now had the when and how but I was unsure where. You are all familiar how this beautiful circle within circles works and our dear Kindred Spirit Sister Vicki offered her beautiful abode in Cave Creek which was perfect as the prayer sticks wouldn’t have to be transported far (thank you Diane) and Vicki had space and the perfect back yard for a fire.

Preparing of the prayer sticks began on Tuesday (thinking that was loads of time) Looking back I think there were 13 or 14 huge bins of prayer sticks.

All the accessories that adorned the prayer sticks needed to be removed for example the paint, the yarn, the charms, the beads, and the ribbon so that nothing toxic would be placed in the fire. It was a long slow arduous process but beautiful and meditative at the same time. I worked away at the bins for 6-8 hours a day and there was still a bin and a half left when everyone started to arrive on Friday afternoon.

For me holding and working with the prayers sticks as I said was beautiful and meditative. I realized how many lives Lynn had really truly touched in order for the prayer stick to be here a person had attended a JT event.

I felt all the emptiness left on the prayer sticks as all the prayers that had been placed upon them had been answered in their highest good. I had flashes of hundreds and hundreds of words like milkweed seeds released from their pods and scattered in the wind. I felt the love, care, worry, and “gotta get this done” placed into the prayer sticks as hands glided dabbed and carved. I was reminded what a beautiful powerful tool a prayer stick is and I found myself wondering how many Kindred Spirits or past participants still use this tool as a way to communicate with Great Spirit.

Thank you Lynn for teaching me/us on how to use and make a prayer stick.

My back ached, my finger got sore, and hands cramped, but I wouldn’t give those physical pains up for my experience of preparing the prayer sticks. (I need to share with you the excitement the prayer sticks were giving off as they were preparing for their journey of transformation, they were relieved and excited to be moving on no longer confined and cramped inside a box. “Freedom! One prayer stick sung as I removed its tartan ribbon!)

You all know how doing a sacred task manages to move a person through obstacles and hiccups on their journey and I felt honoured to experience this for myself and observe it as it happened to others.

Everyone assisted in preparing the fire and shared how amazed they were at all that goes into making a fire Sacred. We placed the stone people and stones for the four directions. We began to speak prayers of intent for this Sacred fire and dance and sing to wake up all the Spirits of place. I could feel myself and the others exhaling the everyday “stuff” feeling the comfort of family surrounding us and witnessing the magic of intent and love.

Carrying the birthday suited prayer sticks and placing them on the Sacred Red Blanket. Placing prayer sticks in the pit and adorning them with flowers and herbs chocolate and nuts and so much more. So amazingly wonderful.

Preparing the Prayer Sticks

Taking breaks from fire prepping, we did our life and death arrows for our Act of Power. Vicki guided us through meditations and provided any materials we may not have brought with us so we could complete Our Act of Power. We shared from our heart how many of us never got around to completing the Ceremony of years past Act of Powers and that several life arrows were incomplete and gathering dust.

I have to say it felt great to go completely through the process start to finish completed. Life arrow planted and celebration together afterwards. No one could leave until they had completed the planting of the Life arrow in dirt/ashes that could be transported back home if wanted. Thank you Vicki for the powerful meditations. A treasure for sure. The heart to heart sharing by everyone is such a priceless gift and I thank you all.

Fire ceremony began with the backdrop of honestly one of the most beautiful coloured sunsets I have ever witnessed. It was one of those drop to your knees moments, witnessing the co-creating of Mother Earth and Father Sky the most spectacular painting in real time EVER. Intense oranges reds yellows blues and all the hues in between.

Prayer Sticks Ceremony Sunset

The burning of the prayer sticks was done so sacredly. Jayne read a beautiful prayer written by the fire lodge. I was amazed how it was clean fire, which I felt was validation that all prayers had been received and answered and that the fire was truly a transformation for /of the prayer sticks.

Prayer Stick Fire

I remembered the teaching Lynn gave me when I had asked her “tell me how you read the lavender smoke what are you seeing. “ Sweetie it’s not in the seeing really it is in the vibration and sound from the smoke and fire. I’m still in the process of “getting that teaching” If any of you sitting here have thoughts or understanding and are willing to share please do.

I did see faces of the prayer sticks smiling as they transformed, dancing as they transformed. There was a stone person that split and opened like a clam and then when I looked again it had closed back up. Magic. This was witnessed by others as well.

Clam Fire

We tried starting the fire in the traditional way in the east but it would not light. I believe it was Diane that got it to light and low and behold she was in the west. Place of transformation!

Perfection I heard an inner voice say to me. Completely makes sense, this is a true fire of transformation for the wood of the prayer sticks and the transformation of the memories of all the events to make way for the new gatherings, honouring the teachings of Lynn and the Sisterhood. They have prepared us well. Given us all the tools needed. These teaching and tools have been tried and trued by all those before us, and us. It is important that we use and share them so that they live on and that others can heal and transform themselves into the magnificent Beings of Light that they truly are.

As the fire burned we shared favorite stories or experiences from JT’s past. Such fun. It was wonderful that the fire continued into Sunday. We had to let the ashes burn down overnight to make more room in the pit to complete the burning of the prayer sticks. Sunday morning was rainy but the fire burned on, tear drops of joy and love falling from the sky of all the Kindred Spirits gathered beyond with Lynn celebrating with us at the fire and all of you holding Energy and celebrating an ending and a new beginning.

Throw another small log on the fire for me as I bring my story to a close. I want to say thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. A sort of hero’s journey if you like. I am transformed yet again. I am so Blessed to have you as family. I know, I Know even just a little bit what True Power is, what True beauty is for me, what true family and friendship is for me, what it means to make a commitment, to follow through and watch it ripple out and affect others and they ripple out and touch others. I have the teachings in my bones. You all do as well. Stand on those bones use them. Stand in your center on those bones. Breathe into those bones. Walk the wheel on those bones. Dream into those bones. The marrow is sweet and waiting for you to pull it out and use.



  • Until I joined Lynn Andrews’ Mystery School I had never heard of prayer sticks or knew how they work. If you are as unfamiliar with them as I was, they are a Native American equivalent of the Japanese tradition of tying paper prayers onto the branches of a tree. The Offering card in Lynn’s Power Deck has an illustration of a paper prayer tied to a tree. Everyone who attended Lynn’s Joshua Tree events were invited to make a prayer stick to ask for help with an issue they might have and bring it to the event. And another prayer stick could be made to offer prayers for a deceased family member or ancestors.

    When we arrived at the Joshua Tree event, we were invited to place one end of the prayer sticks we had made down into Mother Earth in set apart areas, and let the winds carry our prayers from the feathers and ribbons we had adorned our prayer sticks with to the spirits and our ancestors.

    Just like the wind carried our prayers, the words of Fiona’s fine storytelling carried me into the remembrance of the exquisite energy and feeling of Lynn’s Joshua Tree events and Sacred Fire ceremonies. Ceremonies which always moved me into the experience of a realm of deep stillness and widened awareness. I, too, am grateful for this sharing.

    Chris Brown
  • Thank you Fiona,
    I heard your voice as I read, and could clearly see you all in my imagination.
    Your story is a great gift, it was as though I was there. Thank you!

  • Beautifully expressed. My sister, Sue Meister and I both had prayer sticks in the trove and memories of Lynn and JT. While not present for this celebration of the powers of prayer and intent, reading you story brought tears to my eyes. Namaste, Roni

    Roni Callister
  • Thank you Fiona 🌟
    What a beautiful task, idea, transformation.
    This speaks to me to go beyond the boundaries. To break free and truly see what presents itself. For surely this magic has a life of it’s own.
    And each of us have a gift to offer in our own way.
    The first photo of the fire, especially, speaks loudly of Release! I see a whitish bird winging upward!
    Powerful. Our circle IS strong. So much here!

    Nancy Gannon
  • 💙🦋💙this fire is the vibration of Love💙🦋💙

    Janice Salminen

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