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Now Available! 1995 JT Painted Feather Talking Stick MP3 Pkg

Be grateful for your health.  For your ability to love.  For your ability to be here.  Honor yourself and be grateful for your integrity, and your choice to expand your own consciousness.  Be grateful for the people who love you, and whom you love.  Just feel what happens inside of you when you’re not fighting and angry and pointing a finger and blaming.  We seem to live in a society of blame.  It’s never our fault.  It’s their fault.  When in reality, we’re all responsible for everything that happens on one level or another.  It’s that gratitude that opens your heart.  And when your heart is open, then you are made of love.  And God is made of love.  And you are the reflection of God, the Great Spirit.  And so we are all love. 

We’re going to be working with the art of communication.  The Painted Feather Talking Stick is a sacred antenna with which you can move through the universe, through the extraordinary landscape of your life, and find a way to be heard without judgment, without pain, and without difficulty.

We are going to be painting symbols on our talking sticks.  You pick symbols carefully from your heart and from your spirit because symbols have great, great power.  Because symbols are like a battery – they store energy.  In shamanic work, the storing of energy is one of the most important aspects of what you learn here.

Excerpt from JT 1995 Painted Feather Talking Stick.

Be grateful for your health.  For your ability to love.  For your ability to be here.  Honor yourself and be grateful for your integrity, and your choice to expand your own consciousness.  Be grateful for the people who love you, and whom you love.



  • Thank you for immortalizing the wonderful life works of Lynn V Andrews.

    I literally had Lynn’s first book Medicine Woman fall off the bookshelf at me, at
    The Bodhi Tree in L.A!

    I was quite lost, wondering who I am, why am I here? Now what?
    Lynn literally changed my world from that moment forward, until now. To a life full of love, happiness and power!

    I’m so sad and disappointed I won’t hear that fresh, funny, kind voice in person anymore.
    I’m so sad I took for granted she’d always be there for me. Which she and the Sisterhood actually are. I am thankful.

    As I write this, I remember what the late Mohamed Nazmy, the owner of Quest Travel Egypt said at a farewell dinner, “The magnificent blessing, the candle of light, we know as Lynn Andrews, will never be forgotten and in our hearts and souls forever!”


    Diana Noble
  • I am always amazed at how I connect to the postings, and the newsletters. I have followed Lynn since her first book, always eagerly awaiting the next one to gobble up and ponder. Her willingness to be vulnerable, and to venture into the new has been a constant source of inspiration, and a reminder of how much I love mystery and the unknown. Thank you for continuing her teachings, and offerings to the world.

    Meg Stafford
  • You sound like someone I want to talk to. Please connect with me. wish I had the opportunity to talk to Lyn A. I want to be able to listen to your opinions about what is going on on our world at this time.

    joyce Alia
  • Tears rolling down my cheeks as I reconnect with this work after 30 years……was my initiation in my 20s and I’ve lived with her wisdom journets all these years and now wish to go deeper and sad it’s taken this long to reconnect….guess it’s time.


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