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Process of Remembering

Though we become lost in the dream of duality, the dream of separateness, we are in fact, all reflections of the Great Spirit.  We are all indeed part of the same spirit and the same God.  We are indeed, all one. 

We cannot lose each other on any level, but sometimes, in our ignorance, we forget the meaning of life.  We forget our destiny.  What we do together is a process of remembering, of remembering who we truly are.  I am a mirror for you, as everyone in your life is a mirror.  We are mirrors for different parts of you that need to grow and those mirrors will be there for you as long as you need them and then when you need them one day no longer, we merge together like pieces of a puzzle, finding their place interlocked with one another.  It is all truth and it is all light and we are that.  Lie back into the arms of the Great Mother and let her guide your path. Lynn Andrews, 1990 Workshop: The Mask of Power - Power Animal in the Mask

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