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Self-Guided Course: Medicine Woman Visions: The Four Hoops of Power

Learning to dream is part of the magic of recovering our original nature. Throughout history and across the world, shamans everywhere have always considered dreaming to be a conscious activity, not an unconscious one. 

It is the bridge to a higher consciousness in every aspect of life, and it is one of the great universals that is shared by all people, everywhere.  We go into the dreamtime to learn about our sacred selves – how we think, how our emotions can grow as we move towards enlightenment. This excerpt is taken from Self-Guided Course Medicine Woman Visions: Four Hoops of Power

 Power and the energy of life exist within each of us. They give us the ability to feel our own vitality and be able to communicate it to others. Power comes from a sense of focus, well-being, and health, all of which emanate from maintaining a balanced point of view in the world. Power is the energy that flows through all things. Individuals earn access to it by keeping themselves healthy and strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The contentment of the soul becomes reflected in our bodies as a glowing state of health and an absence of illness.

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  • Sacred dreaming has changed the way I feel about life. It gives a sense of fearless adventure to each day. Lynn’s work has profoundly centered me on my path

    Aurora Collins

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