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The Lodge of Joy: Becoming a Light in the World

Joy is subtle, and seems delicate, but like the flower, when the petals are smashed, the scent becomes stronger. Joy is always there, but you must seek out its scent, find its subtle strength and beauty. Even with crushed petals, joy endures. When you feel it, know that joy is always within you, and you can go within once again and move back into it.

Joy eventually moves into a state of blissfulness and that of course is where every enlightened being moves.  You are evolving towards a state of bliss which is that place again of silence within you, that beautiful womb-ness, that abyss for man or woman.  Joy is not a creed that you introduce out into the world, but it is something that realigns you towards the Great Spirit.  It glows inside you like an orange red furnace. It is your inner flame. Excerpt taken from the Self Guided Course Self-Guided Course: The Lodge of Joy - Becoming A Light in the World.



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