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1997 JT Unveiling the Mysteries of Time - Quote

Whenever your spiritual journey and yearning and exploring takes you up against the edge of the unknown, it is then that you must continue to explore your deepest being for the most simple and obvious answers that have probably always been there for you.  But we as human beings want to complicate our lives.  We think that a syllogism, the truth, is not worthy if it is not full of words that are hard to understand or are obscure.  If they are not formulas that are complicated and difficult to understand, we think that they are meaningful.  We do this to ourselves all the time.  We complicate the journey toward enlightenment by adding knowledge, by adding technocracy, by adding confusion, when in actuality it is a process of stripping away. Lynn Andrews, 1997 JT: Unveiling the Mysteries of Time.

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