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Now in the Store! 1994 Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds - The Feminine Rites of Passage MP3 Pkg

The first ring of power for women is where we are dedicated to physical existence and the fertility of our bodies, the raising of family and career, choices in relationships and the conditioning of family and society. The second ring of power is the fertility of spirit, the enlightened, sacred life that marks the second half of a woman’s evolving.

This is a Rites of Feminine Passage.  No woman stands in a place of power without reason.  She can develop her awareness by examining everything closely.  Looked at properly, an object will cry out to you.  When you know enough, you will know much about a person by the way that she picks up a glass or a pencil.  You can see a thousand things in action.  You can know all about a huntress by the way she builds a fire, just as you can know about a bird by the way it builds its nest.  

The 1994 Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds MP3 Pkg is companion to the Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds Workbook and Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds book.


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