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What is an Oracle?

Sometimes the questions, not the answers, are the important part.  Sometimes when we are unsure of our worthiness in a situation or when we are confused or seem to be off-center for one reason or another, Oracles are especially helpful because they can be translators of the messages from God, from Great Spirit, from the Goddess Mother and the realm of higher consciousness.  Oracles are sacred mirrors.  That’s what they do and that’s what you do.

When you go to the Oracles today, you are asking for a mirror of self.  You already know the answers to everything.  You have the Akashic record within you.  The problem is you don’t know how to access it, or you access it for a moment, moment of Samadhi with brilliant clarity, and then the vision closes.  So you want to get back to that.  Not that you aren’t already perfect because in a way you really are.  So this isn’t a process of trying.  It’s a process of opening and allowing yourself to see something that perhaps you’ve never seen before.  Sometimes we are in a place where we can’t hear or see what is right in front of us.  An Oracle can assist you in finding your way back to your own truth.

Excerpt from 2004 Sacred Luminaria, Igniting the Fires of Joy "Working with Oracles".  

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