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Shakkai - HC Book 8

Shakkai - HC Book 8

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Building on the wisdom she has gained through her many journeys into self-discovery, Lynn Andrews now moves into an altogether new and remarkable dimension.  The place is Japan in the future, but her journey there is truly timeless.  Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs reveal to her that in order to become a genuinely enlightened being, she must gain complete knowledge of her personal power, not just in her past life, as described in The Woman of Wyrrd, but in her future life as well.  This is her adventure and her time with Shakkai, who will teach Lynn the secrets of the sacred gardens and their larger symbolism in the sacred world of magic and power.

'One of the great teachings of this particular time in history is to learn how to live one’s life with the stress of three or four lives all at once and still maintain your center and your ease and your joy – a very, very difficult thing to do.  But it is like a problem in logic, like a mathematical equation using trade beads.  It can be done, but the right symbolism has to be learned.  The right thoughts must be written for the outcome to be beautiful.' 

What others have written about Shakkai:
Andrews shows modern women how the principle of the captured landscape – a finite place that contains the infinite mysteries and power of nature within it – can speak to all women who seek to find within themselves the abundance, tranquility and peace of nature.  She guides women to understand that the yearning we all have to return to the wilderness is really a search for the wilderness of our own souls, the powerful harmony of Mother Earth.  This is perhaps Lynn’s most beautifully spiritual and moving book.

© 1992 by Lynn V. Andrews

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Shakkai, Woman of the Sacred Garden, Book 8 of the Medicine Woman Series