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Spirit Woman aka Flight of the Seventh Moon - SC - Book 2 & NOW Available as an eBook!

Spirit Woman aka Flight of the Seventh Moon - SC - Book 2 & NOW Available as an eBook!

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Spirit Woman, The Teachings of the Shields, Book 2 of the Medicine Woman Series
(Oiginally published as Flight of the Seventh Moon, © 1984 by Lynn V. Andrews)

Bestselling sequel to Medicine Woman in what has been described as 'a library of writing on the personal search for the sacred.' After her dramatic initiation into the Sisterhood of the Shields, Lynn Andrews tells the story of her struggle to understand and embrace the awesome power and wisdom bestowed on her by her Native American teachers, Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs.  Through the creation of her own shield -- a powerful physical and spiritual tool -- Lynn learns the nature of her sacred path and the initiation ritual of a warrior woman.  Spirit Woman continues to inspire and captivate a whole new generation of readers.

'Spirit Woman recounts how Agnes initiated me into my ceremonies, into my womanliness and selfhood.  Through a series of visions and ceremonies, she took me around a circle of learning and gave me a working mandala, a shield that I can carry in my everyday life.  Within the experiences of my rite of passage is the ancient wisdom of women.  My story is like the story of all women involved in search.  Our situations are different because we are all unique, but our source of understanding is the same.  Agnes has always stressed the importance and value of being a woman, and it is for me like water to a parched soul.'

What the critics say about Spirit Woman: 
Yoga Journal:  'We are lucky that the likes of Agnes Whistling Elk still exist, and that one such as Lynn Andrews has had the opportunity to experience the ways of a medicine woman and has lived to write about it.  Andrews’s books are a glimpse into a world of the miraculous and the eternal, and intimate a true understanding of the extraordinary laws of nature.'

The McCormick Messenger, McCormick SC:  'A beautiful study of an unfamiliar culture  … excellent reading.'

Booklist (American Library Association):  'The most remarkable element of this book is its ability to communicate a sense of both the physical and spiritual lessons that Andrews has learned ….  Both Medicine Woman and Flight of the Seventh Moon are notable not only for the glimpse they provide of an unfamiliar culture, but also for Andrews’s quietly powerful style and the humility with which she opens herself to new and often seemingly alien experiences.'