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2003 JT Awaken and Live Your Dreams MP3 Pkg

2003 JT Awaken and Live Your Dreams MP3 Pkg

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We need to work on our response to the world, we need to be able to accept and embrace a new higher consciousness.  We are resisting this shift in our consciousness for many reasons and I am going to ask you to look at the choices that you are making and why you are holding resistance in your body.

Within the silence you can experience the magic of being, what I call the wanderer.  The wanderer is you actually before you become enlightened.  But in an enlightened state, you are also a wanderer.  Being a sacred wanderer is shaman skill.  A shaman may have the ability to heal and the techniques that quiet the soul, still the body into a place of peace; these skills and techniques come with the experience of being a wanderer.  And the sacred wanderer is a fascinating place to be in.  You move out into your life or the world for a moment and into the place of the witness, not as a spectator by the way.  A spectator just simply watches life go by and waits for something to happen to them that will force them to move.  That’s not us.  We’re the prime movers.

In a sacred world you are a witness which means that you are in your place of power, in your place of dignity, a place of choice, integrity, beauty and grace, and you follow your intent. Excerpt from the Opening Lecture.

MP3 includes:

Power Animal in Mask
Opening Lecture
Music Interlude
Born With Wings Meditation
Keeper of the Brain: Special Ordinary
Releasing Keeper of the Brain
Meditation for Centering
Wandering & Two Face Kachina
Osama Bin Laden
Saddam Hussein
Fire Ceremony & Celebration
Return of Keeper - Orchid Meditation
Orchid Centering- Closing Lecture & prayer