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Power Animal Online Video Workshop

Power Animal Online Video Workshop

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We were all born wild like a mountain lion, and to live in civilization we become sheep at a very young age. We become tame. But we are not house pets. We are fierce and wild by nature." ~Twin Dreamers, a shaman woman of Panama and one of my teachers.

Once downloaded to your computer, the teaching components of this Workshop – my "Power Animals Video Lecture," MP3 "Power Animal Meditation," and .pdf "Guide to Working with Power Animals" are yours to keep forever, along with my answers to your questions!


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“Discovering the Magic and Wisdom of Your Original Power Animal”

Do you ever wonder why you respond to the situations of your life in the ways you do, even when it goes against everything you've been taught to believe is appropriate?

From the moment you were born, you came into this life with your own basic nature, true, wonderful, and unique to you. Yet most of us begin to be conditioned away from our true nature from the day we take our first independent steps. We forget who we are, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to find who we are, where we are going, and what we really mean to be in this life so that we can live in a state of fulfillment and well-being that we all deserve.

Discovering your original power animal starts you on an extraordinarily rich, vibrant, and personally empowering journey in life because your original power animal represents who you are at your core essence. It represents your own basic nature, what it is that makes you the very special and unique person you truly are.

Discovering your original power animal gives you a mirror to look into through which you can connect with your own personal vision and way of expressing your power in life, not who someone else tells you that you should be. As you honor, attune and invoke the energies of this power animal – all the power animals that come to you, really, because we all have many power animals that come to help us at various times in our lives – you discover the hidden powers and significance of yourself. As you apply the skills and adaptive powers of your power animal to your life, you become consciously aware of the amazing person you truly are and how to take your power in life in the ways that work best for you.

In this Workshop, I will give you the teachings of finding and how to work with your original power animal as you begin to access higher levels of awareness and, perhaps, the masters of enlightenment that await you.

The Workshop includes:

  • A 22-minute MP4 "Power Animal" teaching video in which I talk about my experience of finding my power animal and the magic and wisdom of power animals in our lives; The can be streamed or downloaded.
  • An MP3 "Power Animal" audio meditation during which I will take you into the realm of the power animals to discover and bring back your original power animal;
  • A downloadable PDF "Guide to Working with Power Animals" which contains written information on how to learn about your power animal and its significance in your life. Are you a grazer, a predator, a winged one, or a swimmer of the waters of this great Mother Earth, and what does this mean for you?
  • At the conclusion of your work, you will have the opportunity to submit two questions to one of Lynn's graduates who will answer you individually by email. 

Come with me now into the magical and wise realm of the power animals and feel yourself being reborn into the person you've always known you are as the layers of conditioning begin to be stripped away and you step into the power and wonder of your own magnificent self!

In spirit, ~Lynn


Lynn, thank you so much for your particular teachings on power animals. The first three times I met my basic power animal, I was afraid to accept her. She is a "top of the food chain" predator and I did not feel worthy of her. I have since learned, however, that any time a power animal shows itself to me, I need to pay very close attention! They so often show me the best ways to approach a situation that, on my own, I have a history of handling quite poorly. ~George Ann, NJ

At some point, after I began working with your teachings on Power Animals, Lynn, I began to see other people's power animals sitting above their heads or on their shoulders, especially when I am in difficult inter-personal situations and negotiations. Every time this happens, I quietly call in with my own power animal and find that I know intuitively the best way to approach a person with that particular power animal. It has made a huge difference in my life. ~Kathy, CA