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Fairy Queen by Diana Lancaster

Creating a Life of Intention: Shamanic Living - The Lodge of Connection #3

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Connection is a bridge between our inner vision of ourselves and our outward circumstances. Until we connect with our self in balanced way, we cannot become a truthful mirror for others, and that is the essence of Sacred Communication.

Join me, now, as we begin. We will explore the role of your Second Chakra, which holds the power of relationships. We will begin to see ourselves in new, deeper ways, to create a connection with our own Sacred Self, where we strengthen our knowledge of who we are and what we stand for. You will undergo a rebirth, an initiation to move you into new discoveries about how your fears impact your ability to climb your own Tree of Dreams. Open yourself to the unusual – to learning what Silence is and how it moves you into your own still point of wisdom – to discovering how to be a truthful mirror to others through the use of sacred listening – and how to do all this without giving away your own power. I know silence certainly sounds unusual for a course like this; but then again, you are someone seeking the path of heart, which is an unusual life in itself. You are a shaman in search of ___. Fill in the blank with what fits for you! Welcome!

You will get a PDF with links to download files separately as they are too large for one file. Includes: PDF Handbook and (2) MP3 Meditations.

Artwork by Diana Lancaster.


The Energy of the Connection
Meditation - Butterfly Tree
The Energy of Namaste
Meditation - Connection with My Sacred Self
The Bridge to Communication
The Healing Power of Sacred Communication

From the 2016 Online Course, Creating a Life of Intention: Shamanic Living - The Lodge of Connection: The Healing Power of Sacred Communication, #3 of 4.

We offer each of the four courses within a series individually. This allows you to go on a Self Guided Journey and pick and choose how you will approach the materials.  Within a given series the Online courses are designed to allow you to begin where ever you choose. Example: If you decide to take series two, there is enough reference material from series one for you begin series two.  

All the meditations are contained within the course handbook.