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Creating a Life of Intention: Shamanic Living - The Lodge of Joy #2

Creating a Life of Intention: Shamanic Living - The Lodge of Joy #2

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We often think that our happiness is all there is.  So why are you not happy? Are happiness and joy the same thing? Probably not. Where does happiness come from?  We think it’s from many areas but the truth is, happiness is of the mind.  Please take a moment to understand me:  Happiness is of the mind, therefore it is transitory, and not of the soul and the heart.  Anything that is of the mind is transitory because it’s part of what has been programmed into you.  

The mind is one of the very best tools you have.  You need your mind.  However, we are moving closer to a time where joy is becoming a way that helps us to access what we have never really been able to find before in human consciousness.

This course is about how to get to a place of truth and how to survive joyously.  How do we survive the onslaught of pressure that is created symbolically by sand going through the neck of this human hourglass?  As I have spoken many times, we are at a period in human history when time is compressed and we are being ordered to change.  We must change.  We don’t have any choice.  We can go along kicking and screaming, complaining endlessly as a distraction against the very thing that we need, which is to be able to flow with the river of life.  Go with it.  This is a time to go with it, for sure, because if you choose to kick and scream against it, the water will just rush right over you.  I don’t want you to drown.

You will get a PDF with links to download files separately as they are too large for one file. Includes: PDF Handbook and (2) MP3 Meditations.

Artwork by Diana Lancaster.


Preparing for Joy
Meditation - Guardian Animal Spirit: Guardian Animal Spirit 

Choosing Joy
Meditation - Finding Your Core Essence: Finding Your Core Essence
Gateways to Joy
Shining Your Light of Joy

From the 2016 Online Course, Creating a Life of Intention: Shamanic Living - The Lodge of Joy: Becoming a Light in the World , #2 of 4.

Self Guided Course!: The Lodge of Joy: Becoming a Light in the World 

We offer each of the four courses within a series individually. This allows you to go on a Self Guided Journey and pick and choose how you will approach the materials.  Within a given series the Online courses are designed to allow you to begin where ever you choose. Example: If you decide to take series two, there is enough reference material from series one for you begin series two.  

All the meditations are contained within the course handbook.