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4 Faces of Goddess - Sacred Wounds Teaching

4 Faces of Goddess - Sacred Wounds Teaching

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"This seminar is about the beginnings of what I have learned.  This is a beginning shaman training.  The Sisterhood has asked me to teach certain things that I have learned in my process of evolvement to you.  When I was in Nepal and Tibet I prepared with them and with the help of my research at home in Los Angeles, a series of seminars to be given at certain places across the United States.  This seminar is a result of those teachings within that group process.  This work is designed to help beginning shamans to exercise their intent, their shaman will, their ability to visualize and manifest on several different levels of consciousness.  Every word and sound is chosen carefully to produce an elevating effect within the person using this work.

This seminar is filled with the shaman teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields.  We are shamans but we are not tribally affiliated.  I have been told that these teachings originate from the initial teachings 300,000 years ago.  We are of this time and of this soil, and I have learned that we must make peace with the spirits of this land.  It has been shown to me that no one owns the truth; that we, as children of Mother Earth, must reach hands across cultural boundaries and heal our Great Mother who gives us life.

Recorded Live! 

This is one meditation from the 1989 Joshua Tree event - Beginning Shaman Training.