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2001 JT Digging for Gold MP3 Pkg

2001 JT Digging for Gold MP3 Pkg

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Your spinning symbolizes the energy of the merkaba.  The merkaba is an inter-dimensional, rotational vehicle which brings together spirit, light and body.  With the merkaba we expand through the spherical reality of time and no time.  “Mer” means counter-rotating fields of light, “ka” is spirit, and “ba” is body.  The field of spirit is golden energy and rotates counterclockwise as spirit moves into the physical.  The field of matter moving into spirit is silver energy and rotates clockwise.  And in the center is a ball of white light and it spins faster than the speed of light.  This is God’s light.  It is spinning clockwise.

Each year at Joshua Tree, we record the teachings, meditations and ceremonies of our gatherings. JT 2001 - Digging for Gold - The Alchemy of Transformation includes:

Opening Lecture
Releasing the Lords of Karma
Power Animal Meditation
Star Shield Meditation
Your Triggers and Mercaba
Scrying, Q&A
Grandmother Moon Meditation
Final Teachings
Journey to Meet Alchemist
Clay and the Art of Alchemy
Butterfly Tree Meditation .mp3
Closing Lecture & prayer

8 hours

You will receive a PDF with a link to the zip file to download the files separately as they are too large for one file.