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1995 JT Painted Feather Talking Stick MP3 Pkg

1995 JT Painted Feather Talking Stick MP3 Pkg

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This four days is about communication.  And communication is in the process of using symbols in the forms of language, art, body language and intent – your shaman intent.  We’re going to be working with the art of communication.  The Painted Feather Talking Stick is a sacred antenna with which you can move through the universe, through the extraordinary landscape of your life, and find a way to be heard without judgment, without pain, and without difficulty.

Symbolism in its essence means a larger form for many smaller aspects of a concept or grouping of energy.  We are going to be painting symbols on our talking sticks.  You pick symbols carefully from your heart and from your spirit because symbols have great, great power.  Because symbols are like a battery – they store energy.  In shamanic work, the storing of energy is one of the most important aspects of what you learn here.

Symbolism is a gateway into the world of energies and power.  Used properly, you can store that energy and use it at times when it is most proficient and needed in your life. 

I want you to know intimately the importance and the incredible subtlety of the things that you do when you are in an interaction with another person.

When you talk about communication, you’re talking about merging together through a process of what hopefully becomes intimacy.  Intimacy is something that is often unspoken, that needs to be expressed in one way or another.  So many people today are unable to allow someone to move close to them.  And intimacy is not simply a communication on the physical level, but is really and truly a manifestation of the communication of spirit. 

Sacred communication and intimacy is about the communication of spirit with another person, and it is what I want you to try to discover within yourself during these four days.  Everything that I have designed for you and worked on to share with you has to do with enabling you to maintain intimacy in relationship. Excerpts from Opening Ceremony and Orientation, 1995 JT Painted Feather Talking Stick.  Live with Lynn Andrews! Over 10 hours long. 


Opening Ceremony & Orientation
Grandmother Beaver Meditation
Talking Stick Oracle Meditation
Thursday Questions & Answers
Dreamtime Communication Meditation
Thursday Night & Friday Questions & Answers
Introduction & Symbols of Power Meditation
Symbols & Silence
Friday Night Ceremony
Saturday Questions & Answers
Revisiting Your Sacred Twins Meditation
Power Animal of Communication Meditation
Walkabout Meditation
Shadow Dweller Meditation
Saturday Evening Ceremony
Saturday Teachings
Sunday Changing Directions Ceremony & Toning
Sunday Closing Lecture