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Guardian Animal Spirit

Guardian Animal Spirit

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You are about to meet your Guardian Animal Spirit, the animal that takes care of you and protects you. He has been with you throughout your life, even if you haven’t realized it. This animal doesn’t necessarily represent your original nature the way your Power Animal does.

He works with you in the tonal of the physical realm, coming back from second attention (spirit) into first attention (the physical everyday world) to aid you. When you are feeling fearful, you can ask this animal spirit to help you feel secure as you confront the source of your fear. When you are stalking power, such as joy, your Guardian Animal Spirit can help you, and can also keep you safe. He brings you protection and wisdom as you move on this pathway of exploration. Honor him, and get comfortable with him, so that he can truly be your ally on this journey towards joy.

This meditation is from the 2004 JT Sacred Luminaria: Igniting the Fires of Joy: 2004 JT Sacred Luminaria MP3 Pkg

MP3 Included in Self Guided Course, The Lodge of Joy: Becoming a Light in the World:  Self Guided Course The Lodge of Joy