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1991 JT The Teaching of the Shields MP3 PKG

1991 JT The Teaching of the Shields MP3 PKG

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I’d like to talk just for a moment about shields, and why we are here, and about the Teaching of the Shields.  What is a shield?  A shield can be protection.  A shield can be a series of designs that represent the essence of your being.  Shields can be related to clans and to societies.  All over the world shields have been used as protection, and also as an announcement to the world of who you are.

For us, the Sisterhood of the Shields, the sacred circle, represents the womb of the Great Spirit out of which the seeds of wisdom and knowledge are born.  The sacred circle, whether it is a medicine circle, a sacred circle for ceremony, a shield, or a circle for protection against negativity and darkness, presents a microcosm for the greater universe that surrounds us.  The knowledge within the Sisterhood that has been handed down from sister to daughter to apprentice throughout the ages is a teaching that originally came from the stars.

Opening Prayers & Orientation
Self Shield Meditation
Butterfly Tree Spirit Shield meditation
Power song, closing prayer, Shaman Dance
Opening to Relationship meditation
Father Energy Meditation
Spirit Mate Meditation
East Shield Meditation  East Shield Meditation
Heyoka Power Animal Meditation
 Full Moon Ceremony
Opening Prayer
Presenting Shields
Erasing Personal History
Abuse Shield Meditation
Presentation of Shields Ceremony
Opening Prayer, Gifts & Directions 
Tasks & Closing Prayer


Over 9 hours of teachings, meditations, questions and answers, ceremony, and music.