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For over 30 years, Lynn has taught her Sacred Teachings through her Online Courses, her Shaman Mystery School and her books.  Lynn's Online Courses were usually 2 or 4 weeks in length and given several times a year.  Throughout the course, students communicated with the course mentor and moderators as well as receiving insight and inspiration from each other. Lynn hosted one or two teleconferences for questions and answers regarding the course materials being studied. The course work also included meditations given from Lynn! 

Now, Lynn is offering you this excellent online course material in a self-guided format. You can learn about these Sacred Teachings through these self-guided courses. They allow you to pick and choose how you will approach the materials.  You can start with any course, but the more self-guided courses you take will help you to build your experiences and understanding along your path of knowledge. 

Each self-guided course offered contains a downloadable package - a handbook, a meditation or two and may include a Q & A video session - everything you will need.  Additionally, there are suggestions for supplemental materials that may enhance your experience such as selection of cards from the Power Deck, readings from Lynn's books, a list of materials for making art, bundles, etc.  Begin your path here!

'Walk with Lynn' on your journey through these sacred teachings.

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