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Shaman Mystery School

The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School is a four-year Sacred School. During the first 2 years, you learn to Heal your Self-Wound, the conditioning and experiences that have created energy blocks and kept you from finding your Authentic Self and joy in life. Through healing the Self-Wound, you acquire and develop your shaman sight, perception, world view and the ability to heal and empower yourself. In the final 2 years, as you continue this journey of shamanic development and deep personal learning, you experience how to take what you are learning out into the world to heal and empower others.

You can Pre-Register and Register below based on your level of enrollment (Full certification or Basic Tuition). To learn more about the program  BEFORE MAKING YOUR PAYMENTS, please visit our detailed information pages beginning here.

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If you have ANY question regarding registration, please contact the Registrar prior to registering. 

Please note that when you Pre-Register, the $200 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Read more about the Shaman Mystery School Financial Disclosure, Cost and Payment Schedules below.

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