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Writing Spirit, The School

Writing Spirit, The School is a 44 week Shamanically Crafted Writing Program. It is an energetically choreographed, two-year program designed to move you into and out of yourself using writing as a sacred shamanic tool of divination and self-discovery all while navigating the waters of your own words in search of your Writing Spirit, Your Creative Soul.

Our mission is to bring our participants into a safe and sacred healing space where they will use writing as their shamanic tool for connecting deep within themselves, delving into the shadows and exposing the light that lives there, bringing it out into their world.

You can Register below based on your level of enrollment (Regular Tuition, Student Tuition, or Continuation Tuition). To learn more about the program  BEFORE MAKING YOUR PAYMENTS, please visit our detailed information pages beginning here.

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If you have ANY question regarding registration, please contact the Writing School Coordinator prior to registering.

Please note that when you Register, the $100 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Read more about Writing Spirit, The School Financial Disclosure, Cost and Payment Schedules below.

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