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Apprentice Gallery of Sacred Art


Throughout all of my work – whether it is in my Online Courses, our Retreats and Gatherings, the Mystery School, Online Video Workshops, my Writing School and my lectures and workshops – I use the creation of sacred art as a way of helping apprentices discover within themselves the talents, truth, strength and healing abilities that make each one of us the magnificent individual we truly are.

Creating sacred art is a way of taking what is intangible within us that we so often don’t know how to access and bringing it into the physical dimension so that we can see it, hold it and learn. Each art project is created with its own specific intent as a bridge between our conscious mind and the power and mystery of shamanic healing and the sacredness of being alive. Each art piece is an expression of the essence of spiritual awakening for the apprentice on the journey towards healing and enlightenment.

Most of my apprentices are not trained artists and many would like to shy away from these art projects. Yet as you will see in this Gallery, through the process of trusting that there is a higher vision for living and applying one’s focus and commitment to giving form to that vision, what happens is that the most powerful and exquisite pieces of sacred art appear, followed by an epiphany that changes an aspect of our consciousness forever!

In beauty is truth. Find what is beautiful for you, surround yourself with it, and your life will change. Please enjoy.

In love and spirit,

Masks, Spirit Dolls, Shields, and Emotional Energy Paintings

Each Spirit Doll, Shield, Mask, Heartline Spiral and Emotional Energy Painting invokes the essence of what we are trying to learn, accomplish or be as we open ourselves to something new and wondrous in life and rid ourselves of the excess baggage that fences in our consciousness and keeps us stuck in places we really don’t want to be.

You see, in a way, I have created my own paradise. You understand, do you not? What we create in the world, we must first create within ourselves. ~Shakkai

Shaman Tools

As we create our Shaman Tools, the drums, rattles, Talking Sticks, Prayer Sticks, Medicine Bundles, and Life and Death Prayer Arrows that we use for healing, ceremony and journeying to higher realms of consciousness, we call in the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the powers of the four directions, our power animals and Council of Spirit Guardians to guide us in our search for truth and a higher, more sacred consciousness of living.

I knew without a glimmer of doubt that all things in the universe were connected by a living truth that would not relent in its continuing search for wholeness until every form of life was united. ~Lynn Andrews


Sacred Shaman Art & Adornment

The sacred art that we create to adorn the walls of our homes, our meeting spaces and our own bodies is, in some ways, the most sacred artwork of all, for each time we place it on our bodies or stand before it, we become One with the Great Spirit, Mother Earth and all of life in celebration of life, death, rebirth and transformation that is the sacred spiral of all of life.

We are born wild like a mountain lion, yet to live in civilization we become sheep at a very young age.  We become tame.  But we are not house pets.  We are fierce and wild by nature.  ~Twin Dreamers