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Since 1989, Lynn has been hosting the annual Spring/Summer Gathering. It was originally known as the "Joshua Tree" Event as it was held in Joshua Tree, California. It has also been held in Abiqui, New Mexico, Sedona, Arizona, and Prescott, Arizona.  Hundreds of participants attend and join in the Celebration!

These events were recorded on location and allow you the opportunity to benefit from the beautiful teachings of Lynn Andrews and the Sisterhood of the Shields. The meditations and exercises will definitely enhance your spiritual practice. 

Below, Lynn offers you the collection of years past on a YEARLY BASIS from each event.  Select The Year you would like to view and see each of the Joshua Tree Product Collection.

2021 - The Cave of The Mother Wisdom
2020 - (JT Not held this year)
2019 - The Sacred Shields of Initiation
2018 - The Winds of Change Claiming your Radiance
2017 - Medicine Woman Visions:  Dreaming with Your Spirit Council
2016 - How Wisdom Comes: Soul Retrieval & the Art of Sacred Relationship
2015 - (JT Not held this year)
2014 - At the Edge of Two Worlds
2013 - Masquerade in Time; Unveiling Your Inspiration
2012 - Riding the Lightwaves of 2012
2011 - The Great Sky Shields:  End of Illusion
2010 - Bright Cloud Woman and Live Arrow
2009 - Calling in the Thunder Beings
2008 - Shapeshifting into Power
2007 - Soaring on the Wings of Intent
2006 - Carnival; Festival of Sacred Adornment
2005 - Wild Dreaming and Other Shaman Delights
2004 - Sacred Luminaria; Igniting the Fires of Joy
2003 - Awaken and Live Your Dreams
2002 - Initiation
2001 - Digging for Gold
2000 - Spiritual Opulence
1999 - Dream, Dreaming, Dreamer
1998 - Return to the Crystal Dreamtime
1997 - Unveiling the Mysteries of Time
1996 - Entering the Gateways of Power; Discovering the Wisdom of the Seven Clay Pots
1995 - Painted Feather Talking Stick
1994 - Dream Weaving

1993 - Celebrate the Sacred Gourd

1992 - Drumming the Sacred Dreamer
1991 - Teaching of The Shields
1990 - The First Gathering of the Clan of the Whistling Elk
1989 - Beginning Shaman Training