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A Letter from Julie Hill  

 Dear Kindred Spirits,


As a collective, we hold a body of wisdom that is profound and magical. We are Lynn’s legacy, Our actions, how we conduct ourselves, and how we live our daily lives can provide credibility for Lynn’s work and for each other. Your Story helps tell my story, and my story helps tell yours, thus we must stand together as a collaborative network for the teachings to endure.


Lynn told us that when the hourglass was turned over, the world as we know it would change. Could it be we aligned ourselves together under her leadership to be the agents of change for this very moment? As I recall, she said, “God has been dreaming our world, and when he wakes up, he’ll turn the hour glass over, and it will be up to us to dream the world.” I think we are in that time now. We are waking up to the God that lives inside us so the we can manifest our own dreams. And if we want the dream of our Mystery School to continue, then it is our responsibility to dream it as well.


In this time of revolutionary change, when we talk about systems collapsing, I don’t think it needs to be a catastrophic event. Why not something more like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Lynn used the butterfly as a metaphor often in her work. At the beginning of Jaguar Woman, she climbs the butterfly tree and makes death an ally instead of an enemy. Eleven of the 29 cards of the Sacred Vision Oracle Deck depict the image of the butterfly. Given that there are no new students enrolled, I would like to suggest that we take the time to move through a transformational process by embracing this opportunity to change, to grow, to turn the wheel.


Turning the wheel, that’s what I’m trying to do in my personal life as well. Aren’t we all? 

This past year shook me to the core, and interrupted my identity of self, leaving me searching for a dream to dream. When I asked my heart about this, I heard; “the dream of the future is conceived through a co-creative process and sustained by the will of the collective.” Then, I asked, who will be my collaborators? And I heard; your family, friends and Kindred Spirits.


To that end, I offer this e-mail thread to begin a dialogue.  I have ideas that I am eager to share. I am certain that many of you may too have ideas about how we can strengthen our connection and build a sustainable future for an organization that we all love. 


I’m thinking brain storming, vision quest, strategic planning. 


Focus: The Kindred Spirit Network. 

Objective: To strengthen our connections, energize our spiritual work, support personal and professional growth.


The February Full Moon message that Suzanne sent us this month says, “The Full Moon in Leo is about having the courage to create your heart’s desire, and express your authentic self.” How can The Kindred Spirit Network help you in this task?

 Please lend your creative energy and share your ideas. Be bold, think big, and think outside the box!

Respectfully submitted with love and light,

 Julie Hill,