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Schedule a Private Phone Session with Ramona

Would you like to have a private session with Ramona on the telephone?

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Ramona is a long time graduate of the Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School and an active member of the Kindred Spirits Program.  Ramona has participated in several events with Lynn over the past 20 years both domestically and abroad.  The training she has received has enabled her to provide you with a shamanic approach to the issues you are facing in your life at this time.

 "Sometimes it is important to speak someone who has walked the path of healing the mind and heart before you.  I have worked with my teacher Lynn Andrews for 20 years.  If you would like to deepen your journey, schedule a Private Intuitive Session or Personal Oracle Reading phone session with me, please use the online scheduler to select the date that works for you."

In Spirit,



Schedule a Private One-On-One Session or a Private Oracle Reading using the Sacred Vision Oracle Cards by using the online scheduling system below. 

The sessions are 55 minutes in duration and are done on the phone.  If you need additional help, i.e., alternative contact, payment arrangements, time slots, etc., to schedule a session, please use the contact form below

The cost for having a private session call with Ramona is: $100 USD.


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Please use this link to pay $100.00 USD for the Private Session with Ramona:

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Once your appointment is set, you will receive an email confirmation. Ramona will call you at your scheduled time using the phone number you provided. You will also get a reminder text before your appointment.

I am so looking forward to speaking with you.

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Please note: We do not share your information with outside sources. We respect your privacy such that your information will remain within Lynn Andrews Productions.

Release Statement

I understand that Lynn Andrews Productions or any individuals or organizations associated with these groups, are not responsible for, and I release them from liability for, any accidents, injuries, illness, loss, theft or other mishaps that might occur, whether or not as a result of negligence, or as a result of my failure to seek and follow appropriate medical or mental health care from a licensed medical professional in connection with this private session.  I understand that Lynn Andrews Productions, Inc. and individuals associated with Lynn Andrews Productions, Inc. are not licensed medical or mental health care providers; that Lynn Andrews Productions, Inc. nor the individuals associated with Lynn Andrews Productions, Inc. diagnose or provide any advice or technique as a form of treatment for medical or mental health problems; and I further understand that it is my responsibility to consult with my medical and/or mental health provider(s) for any condition(s) for which I am under or may need treatment.  By scheduling a session with Ramona you have read and are agreeing to this release statement.