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The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School

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The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School

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“The Way of the Wolf”

Lynn Andrews Mystery School

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing on Earth. It has been practiced across the globe for at least 50,000 years. When you look at shamanic cultures today, you discover people who live with joy and a sense of purpose and knowing in life, people who do not contract the serious stress-born illnesses that we in the modern world do, even though they face a world that is encroaching on them and threatening to take away their very existence. It's not that they don't encounter the stresses of the modern world, it's that their way of knowing life and resolving that stress is very different from ours. Through the application of shamanic teachings, you learn positive strategies to remove stress in your life and create a new emotional freedom. You discover the ancient teachings of the Feminine Divine and learn how to heal and integrate both your Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Energy Shields into wholeness.  Through sound, action and intention, you heal the energy centers of your body - your heart, solar plexus and chakras. This is a joyous journey, and I want to share it with you. Through my Shaman Teachings, which grow out of my four decades of experience with the Sisterhood of the Shields, shaman healers from indigenous cultures on four different continents, about which I have written 21 books, you will:

  • Free yourself of guilt and low self-esteem;
  • Learn how to heal negativity in relationships; heal grief, emotional upset and the distractions of the modern world that bring so much chaos into our lives, and then you can help others do the same if you choose to become a shamanic practitioner;
  • Create Personal Ceremony to connect with the life force that comes from having an intimate relationship with the Great Spirit, God in whatever way you understand Sacredness. This life force is the energy of power – the power to accomplish the things in life that bring you a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and abundance, abundance of spirit as well as abundance in the physical world;
  • Move into Oneness and harmony with Mother Earth and the world around you as she shows you how to heal your life. As you heal your life, you return healing to our great First Mother, which she so urgently needs.

Shamanic healing is the Transformation of Spirit, learning to walk through the chaos and confusion of your everyday life with one foot in the world of the physical and the other firmly rooted in the world of spirit. You become confident in your own abilities, your sacred intent and the conscious awareness of your higher purpose in life. The primary purpose of our work together is to find the voice of your Authentic Self. You will begin to live at the Center of your being and come from a place of self-knowing and self-confidence in all that you do.

I call this Mystery School "The Way of the Wolf" because to the Shaman, wolves are the original teachers on this earth. They go out and learn what their pack needs to know to survive and thrive, and then they come back and teach them. You will discover how to stalk whatever it is you are seeking to learn, accomplish, be or become in life and heal the blocks that stand between you and the success and happiness we all so richly deserve yet so frequently deny to ourselves.

You learn how to go down the trails of experience in life in search of knowledge.

The wolf is a Stalker, and one of the first things we focus on in this Mystery School is "The Art of Stalking" – stalking your objective at various times in your life and stalking the energy and wisdom it will take to accomplish it. Stalking is a circling process, like a wolf widely circles her territory. Leaving her scent and discovering every rock and leaf within her circle, she closes in slowly on her prey. She circles and circles; stalking, testing the air, the harmonies of magic that define her reality, and then she begins her pursuit in earnest whether it be nesting, hunting, or the search for wisdom. When she has accomplished her objective, she circles back to her den, her place of safety and repose, always aware, always confident in her abilities.

You learn to go into the energy within and around you, the animating force of our universe, to look at your life from a circular perspective so that you can see the whole picture before you make and act on the important decisions of your life. In the way of the wolf, you circle the teachings, moving into your own position of power so that it becomes a natural process of gathering your strength and sharpening your perceptions whenever you stand at a crossroads in your life where decisions must be made and acted upon.

My power animal is the Black Wolf, and this is The Way of the Wolf.

In spirit and beauty,    


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