Shaman Mystery School Enrollment

Welcome to Lynn Andrews' The Shaman Mystery School Enrollment!


Open enrollment from January through May for any given year!

Please carefully read the required Programs & Certification, Financial Disclosure, and the Release Statement prior to enrolling below.


Please complete the form below so that we may best facilitate and support your training and growth with Lynn Andrews through the Shaman Mystery School (Mystery School).

Please write a Statement of Intent of no more than 150 to 200 words on why you want to study shamanism and how you plan to use what you learn. You will be able to include that in your form below.

We ask for information regarding health/counseling issues as it is important that your therapist/counselor be informed of your participation in the School. We want  them to be aware of the process you are undertaking, and the input being provided by your work with the Mystery School. It is not our intention to interfere with the work you and your therapist are doing. If you have questions about this, please contact Kahndi Smith at

There are two Levels of Enrollment available to you please read below before making your decision:

1. Full Certification Program - Includes Annual Mystery School Tuition AND  Storm Eagle Training Event Fee.*

* Storm Eagle Training is REQUIRED to be Ordained as a Minister and Certified as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer. Please read the Certification Statement below.

2. Basic Tuition Program - Includes Annual Mystery School Tuition only.  It does NOT include the Storm Eagle Training Event Fee.**

** You will receive all of the Mystery School materials and participate fully in all of the activities except for the Storm Eagle Training. (You can add the Storm Eagle Training event fee separately).  Also, your Certification eligibility will change considerably. Please read the Certification Statement below.

Certification Statement: 

"The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School is a four-year Sacred Mystery School. During the first 2 years, you learn to heal your self-wound, the conditioning that may have been negative or harmful in your early life. Then you acquire and develop your shaman sight, perception of the world around you, and world view to heal and empower yourself. In the final 2 years, as you continue this journey of discovery and deep personal learning, you learn how to take what you are learning out into the world to heal and empower others."

Storm Eagle Training is required to be Ordained as a Minister and Certified as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer. If you cannot attend the Storm Eagle Training but complete all four years of the Basic School Program you will be certified as follows:

"Upon successful completion of all four years of the Shaman Mystery School Basic Program (without the Storm Eagle Training), you will be certified as a Graduate of the Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School and an Energy Worker and Intuitive." 

"Should you choose to pursue only the first 2 years, The Healing of the Self-Wound, you will become an Earth Steward and receive a professional Certificate."

Contact my Registrar, Kahndi Smith at to discuss Certification options and alternate ways of satisfying the Storm Eagle Training requirement. You can add the Storm Eagle Training fee at any time.


For information on the cost of each Program and Event Fees, payment requirements and types of Payment opportunities, we have placed this information in one place. Please read this financial disclosure information and become acquainted with what is required as an apprentice in Lynn's Shaman Mystery School. We suggest you download the PDF copy for your records.

Tuition and Payments Info



I agree to release The Shaman Mystery School (Mystery School), its owners, officers, agents, employees & contractors, and any individual or organization associated with The Shaman Mystery School, from any and all liability for personal injury, or loss of, or damage to, personal property or possessions of any individual attending or associated with the Mystery School, whether or not caused by negligence. I assume all risk of injury or loss from participation in The Shaman Mystery School, including, but not limited to, guided meditation, yoga, guided imagery, relaxation, ceremonies or any other form of participation in the course of study. I understand that the Mystery School assumes no liability for any program and recommends that Apprentices check with their physician before engaging in any of the above-mentioned activities.

Thank you for reading our required information. Please use our Enrollment Form below to register as an Apprentice in Lynn Andrews' The Shaman Mystery School. Once you have filled out this ENROLLMENT FORM you will be directed to a PAYMENT OPTIONS PAGE. There you will select the same  payment option you chose below on your enrollment form and then you will be directed to the page to make your actual payment.


If you have trouble with this form, please REFRESH / RELOAD the page. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Kahndi, Lynn's Registrar, using our contact form. Thank you.