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Shaman Mystery School Scholarship Program

What the Scholarship Program Does

Scholarship Awards

Within a given year, scholarship awards will not exceed one month’s tuition or Storm Eagle event fee $600 for each qualifying apprentice. 

For the Basic Certification the monthly tuition amount is $249.50.  For Full Certification the monthly tuition amount is $309.50. 

The funds will be applied to the Apprentices account to be used for tuition or the Storm Eagle Training event fee for that year. 

This approach enables a first year apprentice to receive a scholarship along with the rest of the apprentices within a calendar year.  If the apprentice prepaid for the year, the funds will be applied to the following year’s tuition. 

Scholarship awards can only be applied to tuition or the Storm Eagle event fee.  Apprentices will not receive a check for a Scholarship.


How to Apply for the Scholarship Program

Scholarship Application

Apprentices can apply for scholarships at any time.  The completed scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Please use the application form below.

Scholarship Qualification Criteria

Apprentices must be current on all tasks to date and turned in all task sheets to their mentor.  The apprentice must be up to date on payments. 

The Approval Process

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of the Mystery School Administrator and Registrar.  They will carefully review the scholarship requests and make a recommendation to Vanessa Andrews for approval.

Scholarship Approval Process

The Committee will ensure that the completed task sheets have been received by the Mentors and the that the apprentice is in good financial standing.   

Make A Donation

Scholarship Donations

We encourage the public, Councils of the Whistling Elk and Kindred Spirit Lodges to donate  to Lynn Andrews' The Shaman Mystery School scholarship fund.  Your donation will help with the expenses for a current apprentice that has met the criteria above.

The minimum donation amount is $10. Scholarship donations are non-refundable.

Click on the button below to be directed to the SPECIAL PAYMENTS page where you can donate using a Credit Card -OR- through PayPal. You can enter the amount you'd like to donate in the box provided.