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The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School Tuition & Payments

Financial Disclosure

School Year 2024

Each year of The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School is designed in quarters - Each quarter being 11 weeks in duration. Your study materials will be emailed to you just prior to the start of each quarter. Tuition payment(s) must be received before the materials are emailed to you.


There are two LEVELS of ENROLLMENT available to you, as follows (please see "Certification Statement" below before making your decision):

A. Full Certification Program for the School is $3095.00 (Shaman Mystery School annual tuition $2495.00 plus the Storm Eagle Training Event Fee - $600.00). This includes the event fees for the Storm Eagle Training in the fall.*

B. Basic Tuition Program, which does NOT include the Storm Eagle Training Event Fee, for an annual tuition of $2495.00. You will receive all of the Mystery School materials and participate fully in all of the activities EXCEPT for the Storm Eagle Training, and your Certification eligibility will change considerably. *

A. Full Certification Statement

Four-year requirements are:

Complete four years of schoolwork, which includes, 150 Experiential hours, and marriage of self to self.

  • Retain all four years signed task sheets to be reviewed at Storm Eagle.
  • A notebook that showcases the four years of work, which will be reviewed at Storm Eagle.
  • *Complete all four years of in-person testing.
  • Walk under the Elk Skin which marks crossing from apprentice to graduate.
  • If all requirements are met you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Once this is completed, you have graduated and are eligible to be initiated into Kindred Spirits. 
* At a minimum you are required to attend the fourth year Storm Eagle Training.

    Upon successful completion of all the four-year requirements:

    1. You are Initiated into Kindred Spirits. The Initiation ceremony takes place at the annual Kindred Spirits Gathering the year after you graduate. In 2024 the Kindred Spirits Gathering takes place immediately after the Storm Eagle event.
    2. You will also be certified as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer or Diplomat of Earth Stewardship and a Graduate of The Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School and receive a Certificate of Completion. 
    3. You will be eligible to join the Kindred Spirits Graduate Program.*

    B. Basic Tuition Program

       4 Year Program – Certificate of Acknowledgement

      If you did not complete the work, you will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgment and have the opportunity to work with an Interim mentor to finish the work. You still need to have walked under the Elk Skin to join the Kindred Spirits Program.

      If you cannot attend the Storm Eagle Training but completed all four years of the Basic School Program, you will be a Certificate of Acknowledgement. You still need to have walked under the Elk Skin to join the Kindred Spirits Program.



      1. Full Certification Program:

      FULL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM - Total Annual Tuition for the Shaman Mystery School PLUS the mandatory Storm Eagle Training is: $3,095.00  This includes the Storm Eagle Training Event Fee (in the fall). 

      * If you pay in full for the Full Certification Program at the time of registration, you will receive a 5% discount of the total Tuition due. ($3095.00 - $154.75 = $2940.25)

      ** When you select the Full Certification Program all of your payments INCLUDE the Storm Eagle Training Event Fee. You pay for Transportation, Meals and Lodging for  the Storm Eagle Training separately.

      2. Basic Tuition Program:

      BASIC TUITION PROGRAM - Total Annual Tuition for the Mystery Shaman School is: $2,495.00  This DOES NOT include the event fee Storm Eagle Training (at the end of the year). *

      * If you pay in full for the Basic Tuition Program at the time of registration, you will receive a 5% discount of the total Tuition due. ($2495.00 - $124.75 = $2370.25).

      ** You may choose to pay for Storm Eagle Event Training fee is ($600.00) at a later time. You also will pay for Transportation, Meals and Lodging for Storm Eagle Training separately.



      You may pay your tuition in FULL, or on a QUARTERLY or MONTHLY basis. Should you choose to make quarterly or monthly payments, You are required to use the automatic recurring payment option. 

      When you start as a an apprentice you will need to pay for the first quarter materials: $623.75.  After that you can make monthly payments of $249.50 so that by the time the quarter is done, you will have enough money in your account to receive the second quarter and so on.

      Please note that if you are enrolling in the Pre-Registration Program at this time, the $250 deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your first quarter tuition once you enroll in The Shaman Mystery School as an apprentice.


      Recurring Payments

      Once you are directed to the payment page you will be able to choose your payment option. You will be placed automatically on a recurring payment schedule if you chose either to pay monthly or quarterly.

      You MUST use this option in order to make your monthly or quarterly payments.

      Please note that the costs of Transportation, Meals and Lodging for the Storm Eagle) are NOT INCLUDED. They are paid separately by you.


      Additional Important Information


      You will receive a financial statement once a year from Lynn Andrews Productions reflecting all payments that we have received up to the date of your statement. Statements will be emailed out in the fall.


      The Shaman Mystery School Curriculum is based on four quarters. Requests for a refund must be sent in writing. If your request is approved, it will be refunded per the time of year AND the quarter in which the materials you have already received. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 will be deducted from the refundable amount.

      Continuation Program:

      This program is designed for apprentices who went through the entire year but for personal reasons were unable to complete the work and wish to start from the first quarter.  The Continuation Program cost is $700.  This can be paid in monthly installments of $70.


      Should you need to take a leave of absence during the School Year, you may return either later in the year or the following year at the start of the same Quarter in which you withdrew. In this case, Your Tuition for the year of your return will be pro-rated based on the number of Quarters remaining in that School Year beginning with the Quarter of your return. This program is designed for apprentices that started the school but for personal reasons had to stop but wish to return to complete the remaining duration of the year and the curriculum.  You will be given a financial statement at the time of your withdrawal, with instructions to save it so that when you return, you will have proof of your financial status at the time of your Withdrawal.


      If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Kahndi




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