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Shaman Mystery School - Year 2


You are a keeper of Earth Wisdom. Life is a planting of the seed of the spirit so that a body can be formed. The monsters you have seen are the bardos, or stages of life, that you have lived on this earth. Without Mother Earth, the seeds of the spirit would have no place to be born. You are a keeper of this mother garden. The wisdom will remain safe here.  ~Windhorse, Windhorse Woman.

Lodge of the Earth Mystery School Year 2In the Lodge of the Earth, you become a true apprentice to power. This is a very pragmatic Lodge as you create your Sacred Power Tools and learn how to use them to move energy to heal ignorance, chaos, and negativity when they arise in your life. You will also work with perfecting your physical space in terms of how you live and how you appreciate the things that you do for yourself and other people.

  • Shaman Tools: You will learn how to bring form into the world and move energy into your sacred objects as you create, empower, initiate and begin using your Shaman Drum, Rattle and Talking Stick for healing. You will also create your Beauty Shield and your Face of the Earth Altar Cloth. In this way, you experience for yourself the incredible healing value of using your own creative vision and energies to find balance.
  • This is a year of Gathering – gathering the forces available to you from which you create and empower. It is a year of careful attention as you bring your awareness into the center of your circle of truth so that your circle is well-defined and balanced;
  • You will learn how to amplify and store energy and feel its power through meditation and ceremony; practice holding and shifting energy with crystals, stones, your Shaman Tools, and the Shaman Dance of Power;
  • You intensify your work with the Sacred Wheel of the Four Directions as you work with the energies of the Mother Earth, including her luminous fibers, ley lines and the power of trees, and discover shamanic gateways in art and nature.
  • You move more deeply into the Sacred Dreamtime to meet your Sacred Twins, translators between your conscious and subconscious minds, healing them if they are out of balance. You also deepen your work with your Original Power Animal and discover some of the many other power animals in your Council of Spirit Guardians; and you begin working with the energies of your chakra system to heal your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
  • You strengthen your Dream Body and learn to See through the eyes of your Body-Mind and your Inner Muse. You learn about the Sacred Witness and the vital role it plays in a healthy life, a healthy world-view and a healthy world as you learn how to hold power in your hands and move it out into the universe.

This is a year of Self-Remembering from a Place of Balance and the importance of awareness in everything that you do so that you are always coming from the place of your own personal truth.

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