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Shaman Mystery School - Year 3


Look at the pond. The water is clear and perceptive. You are becoming like the water. There is a new stillness. See that breeze there rippling on the surface of the pond. The chaos of life moves over you like a wind. You are becoming like a quiet pond. You reflect the chaos on the surface, but within you are still. ~Ruby Plenty Chiefs, Windhorse Woman.

Shaman Mystery School - The Lodge of the Marriage Basket Year 3

This is the year of the very sacred Marriage of Self to Self as you meet and merge with your Spirit Mate. To the shaman, this marriage is one of the cornerstones of their existence, and Zoila and José Gutierrez, two of my shaman teachers from the Mayan Yucatán, consider it to be more important than their own very beautiful marriage.

  • Are you letting yourself be heard in the world? Do you listen to your own voice? This year is about letting your voice be heard as you express your exquisite shaman vision.
  • It is about delving into your emotions and the energy and the power they carry, through a number of shamanic practices. Emotions are powerful motivators in both the creative and the destructive use of energy. An emotional overload will shut down both sides of your brain completely at the very moment that you set out to accomplish something important. Thoughts and emotions are as lightning rods for one another, and you create strategies to mediate between them with conscious awareness and sacred intent. You become aware of the totality of who you are, accepting your strengths and your vulnerabilities, how you work in the light and heal the dark places of life.
  • Your healing work with your emotions brings you to the altar of your Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Shields, which have everything to do with how well you move and work in the world and become receptive to wisdom and the joy of living. This is a vital year to balance, heal and ignite their magic in your life, as you discover new resources for transforming your fears into power so that you can open your heart to power. If you want power to be present in your life, you must make a place within you for power to come in.
  • You claim your home aspect or direction on the Sacred Wheel – Are you a Conjurer (Energy Dancer), Dreamer, Stalker or Seer?
  • In addition to our work together and your work with your Mentor and Mentor Group, you will also work one-to-one with a partner who is also a Shaman Mystery School student as you learn how to move energy out into the world, praying together and for each other; doing ceremony together; being a sacred witness to one another. This includes experiencing the shaman teachings of Assemblage Points and Mirrors, how to be a mirror for those with whom you would work, understanding that we cannot heal other people. Only they can heal themselves.
  • You will create one of the most beautiful and important Shaman Tools of all, your Marriage Basket which will hold the symbols of yourself and your Spirit mate as you prepare for and then perform the sacred Marriage of Self to Self.

As you do this, you will be working deeply with the Shaman understanding of Gratitude. Gratitude energizes you. It is a state of being which is filled with strength, wisdom, endurance and all the courage you need to move through hardship in an enlightened, intended way. When you are in gratitude, you are in the celebration of thankfulness, which is a great and energizing force. This is the law of grace: surviving hardship through gratitude.

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