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Shaman Mystery School - Year 4


Only God is the source, and like a mirror, we are mirror images of God. A mirror enables us to understand the nature of ourselves, of God. That is all. It is a sacred tool, a device for reflection, just as this physical body is a sacred tool or device for the process of evolvement into the higher realms. Our physical experience provides mirrors for learning. A mirror is part of the teaching. ~Ani, Windhorse Woman

Mystery School Year 4This is the year of understanding and experiencing what it means to connect with the great Oneness of life that is the cornerstone of the Shaman Way of Living, accepting that you are part all that is and understanding what this means for you in your life. It is the year to condense and reconstruct your energy from within that sense of Oneness and then return to your everyday life and live within the healing that it brings.

It is a year of Transformation.

  • This year you will experience that it is in the power of silence at the center of the storm - that precious moment between the lightning and the thunder - that you can move and choreograph the energies of the universe through your intent and the focus of your will.
  • You will explore energy systems and energy bodies, such as Hands-on-Healing, Shaman Touch and Hand Trembling, and you begin completing your Experiential Hours toward Initiation into Kindred Spirits and Certification as a Spiritual Intuitive Healer.
  • You discover the power animals in your chakras and how they can help you to understand yourself and move in harmony with those around you; See webs of energy and use the Shaman Dance of Power to heal the world around you; and move deeply into the Sacred Dream using your luminous fibers and your Dream Body.
  • You work with the teachings of the Twisted Hair, the art of storytelling, to understand the power of Words and their effect on energy as you let yourself be heard through your healing power.
  • You also create a Spirit Kachina and commune with your Old Wise One within.

This year is about bringing all of your tools and talents together. I will ask you to become very specific in your vision as you set your course into the world. In your Sacred Marriage of Self to Self of the Third Year, you spoke your truth, perhaps for the first time, and you told the Great Spirit and all those present who you are and how you move in the world. In this year, the experience of knowing who you are and being a Dreamer, Seer, Stalker, or Conjurer becomes a moment-to-moment reality for you. It is how you, at your very essence, experience and work with energy. The wholeness you experienced with the marriage to your Spirit Mate has continued to heal your core wounds. It is now time to move back out into the world.

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