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Shaman Mystery School - Year1


The source of power floats on the wind. It is like the wind itself. It can move mountains and change the surface of the oceans, but it is unseen. You cannot prove it, but you can feel it, like magic. Believe in the Great Spirit. Believe in the Tao in the same way. Believe in the integrity of your own soul. Believe in the movement of the winds from the North and the South. Those winds can change the surface of the earth, just as Spirit can change the surface of your mind.  ~Shakkai, Woman of the Sacred Garden

The Lodge of the Winds is about learning to discover, identify and move energy within yourself and in relation to the world around you. It is about allowing the wilderness of Spirit and the magic and mystery of the Unknown to become part of your life. You become conscious of how energy moves through your body and your energy field; this is how you learn its power. You learn to identify how energy gets blocked and how to release it within your body.

  • In this Lodge, you begin stalking your Authentic Self and the Source of Power within you. You begin developing your shaman point of view with the goal of defining absolutely your own truth in life and move to the center of your own circle of power. You begin healing yourself of low self-worth and doubt.
  • You begin a lifelong journey with your Original Power Animal, which represents who you are in your core essence. It has much wisdom and perspective to share with you;
  • You begin circling the Sacred Wheel of the Four Directions to discover what blocks your energy and how to release those blocks. One of the most profound aspects of the Sacred Wheel is its ability to move us deeper and deeper into the mystery each time we explore the directions;
  • You also begin an in-depth experience of your Sacred Feminine and Masculine energy shields, which require healing and balancing in all of us. They are a source of true strength, balance and power when they are vibrant and working together in your life.
  • You will begin your experiential journey with the ancient Mayan teachings of the Four Mother Energies, "La Ultima Madré," teachings the Maya drew from their understanding of how the energy of the Four Sacred Directions is translated in the human psyche;
  • Create and learn how to use the first of your Shaman Tools of Power and Healing – your Heyoka Fetish which represents the essence of your energetic power; your Beauty Wind Kachina that helps you bond with the power and energy of the wind in a focused and intentional way; your Shaman Healing Lodge; and begin working with Prayer Sticks as you perform Sacred Ceremony and call in the spirits of place.
  • You also begin your journey into the Dreamtime, lucid or conscious dreaming, by exploring your relationship with non-ordinary sleep as you focus on building your dream body and finding the power within stillness to meditate in a focused and receptive way;

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