Storm Eagle Event Payments

Thank you for filling out your Storm Eagle Event Registration Form. You now need to choose your PAYMENT OPTION so that we may direct you to the correct payment page. 

These Payments below include Event Fee & Meals. The Lodging fees are your responsibility.

How to Choose Your Payment Option:

Please check to make sure you are choosing the Type of Attendee you require below. Mentors and Staff Registration is complete and do not need to make a payment. The choices are:

  • Apprentice - 4 days of meals (breakfast & lunch - Thur-Sun)
  • Teaching Assistant - 4 days of meals (breakfast & lunch -Thu - Sun)
  • Commuter* - Variable days of meals, Initial Deposit for event fee/meals only.

* Commuters are listed for payment types to collect a deposit for the event fee. If you are a commuter, it does not matter whether you are an Apprentice or a Teaching Assistant.

Then check to make sure you are selecting the correct Type of Payment you will be making:

  • Full Payment - Event Fee + Meals
  • Payment Plan - 3 Payments to include Event Fee + Meals
  • Deposit - Commuters ONLY, total payment and payment to be determined individually

Should you need to examine or go over the Event and Payments Information You can look at these options again here:

Event and Payments Information >>

Choose Your Payment Option Here:

APPRENTICE Storm Eagle Event Payment Options:


TEACHING ASSISTANT Storm Eagle Payment Options:


COMMUTER Storm Eagle Event Payment:

Initial Deposit; $100

*Commuters will be billed separately for the remaining balance depending on their Level of participation (Apprentice or Teaching Assistant) and meals.


You will be directed to a page where you can make your payment directly.