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Student Testimonials

From Bebe Jo —
My training in Lynn’s Mystery School and the Continuing Education Program helped me handle my mother’s dying and death with dignity — first, to know ways to help her, and then to know ways to help myself . . . In my work in the world as a professor in a graduate public health program, I deal with students on a daily basis who are making a transition to a new life and career. My shamanic skills enable me to counsel my students in a way that leads them to find their own best destiny, and to take the necessary action to achieve it.

When my mother was passing from this world, the School (LACSAT) taught me many of the shamanic tools I used in this process, as well as made me aware of books and colleagues in the School who were experts on the subject, or who had preceded me in the experience. I was able to give her the support she needed, have patience, and understand the process of dying – in all 4 of its aspects, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. I had shamanic tools to deal with difficult emotional issues, and to help myself cope with the apparent (but not real) inability to “fix things” for her. From members of the Continuing Education Program (CEP) I had support for shamanic tasks to help my Mom through the transition period to spirit only, and to help those of us left on earth to let her go, to remember her with love, but not to hold on to her. From CEP colleagues I learned ways to participate in her funeral shamanically, and to hold my Power and to be the family member who spoke about her at the funeral. With the help of my medicine allies, I was able to do this with dignity and compassion.

In my work in the world, LACSAT and CEP helped me listen to my inner voice and to the synchronistic events around me to refocus my career, and to learn new skills and material. I have taken a new direction in my work — had the courage to stand in my own power with my own point of view and make a worthwhile and powerful contribution to my colleagues and my work environment. I’ve found the strength to take leadership and be responsible for the future of my organization, and my own life. Using tools and techniques I learned in LACSAT I know how to shamanize situations, to raise the energy level around me so everyone operates in a way more consistent with their Higher Selves, and in attunement with their own best destiny, and that of the organization. I have learned to look inside myself when there are conflicts, to identify in me what is being mirrored in the conflict, and to first resolve the issue within me before reaching out to others. With medicine allies to back me up I have had the courage and skill to take a major leadership role in my organization.

From Patti —
When I entered Lynn’s Mystery School, I really had no idea why I was enrolling other than the fact that Lynn’s books and experiences spoke to me in a powerful way. I had some vague idea that whatever was in the teachings from the Sisterhood of the Shields that empowered Lynn, I wanted to experience for myself. But I also feared that “magical” experiences were for other people, not me. I was, after all, a successful business woman, grounded in the practicalities of living in the “real” world. I discovered that “magical” experiences were not only available, but waiting for me. . .

Despite all my successes, or perhaps because of them, I worried about being “good enough”. I lived with a restlessness of spirit and never felt at peace about most things. There was always one more something I had to achieve, become or work toward. There were goals I had given myself as a child that I had not yet achieved and I carried a heavy load of guilt about them.

There are so many things I am grateful for that grew out of my four years of training in LACSAT. At the top of the list is inner peace. That peace was achieved through a combination of practices that peeled away accumulated responses to please others and look good. Through daily use of the Sacred Wheel I learned how to balance physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. By understanding the Great Mother energies, I learned how to be true to myself. In preparing for my own ceremony to reclaim the Marriage Basket, I named my path as a Seer and discovered a partnership with my Spirit Mate that balances my masculine and feminine aspects. If you are concerned that your life is not all you want it to be, I strongly recommend that you consider the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training. It will change your life!

From Ann —
I entered Lynn’s Mystery School in 1995 as a business owner and environmental consultant who was exploring a spiritual life. I was immersed in consulting to corporations and government agencies and making my way in the world. The school would prove to be a deepening of a personal nature, unrelated to my professional life. Little did I know the transformation about to take place as I received and incorporated the sacred teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields into my daily life. Today, three years after my graduation, I am a personal and professional coach, helping my clients create a fulfilling life. I am writing a weekly newspaper column, giving workshops and teleclasses, and am writing a book on personal power at work. Need I say more? Lynn’s Mystery School changed my life in wonderful ways, as I am certain it will change yours.

The transformation began in my first year with putting my daily life on a medicine wheel. An integration of my physical and spiritual lives was taking place, which would result in my ability to expand my personal power in the world. In my second year, I was asked to serve as a Mentor in the school. This began a rich and fulfilling journey of relationship, each of us mirroring the other and growing together. Throughout my work in the school, the energy and support of Lynn and the Sisterhood was ever-present. The mysteries and teachings given to me changed my life deeply. I remain within the circle as a member of the school’s Continuing Education Program, and am profoundly grateful to Lynn and the Sisterhood for their teachings and their dedication to helping us all lead the lives that we are meant to live.

From Jan —
Lynn and her teachings have awakened me to the cosmic differences between a spiritual path and religious dogma. As a result of Lynn’s eclectic and practical approach to living a more spiritual life, I have become more aware that “truth” belongs to everyone. The Native American call to “All my relations” is a powerful concept that encompasses everything from microbes to monsters. More than ever, I’ve become aware that we are all one. The freedom from narrowness in Lynn’s teachings has enabled me to choose what is most appropriate for me in living my life and in assisting others on their path. Lynn’s sincerity and generous humor have helped me to appreciate that all the world is a stage and how we perceive our worlds is determined by how we design them.
From Adele —

I’ve worked in communications for 30 years, but through Lynn’s Mystery School, I found my true voice. I now teach and counsel, and I’m writing my first play.

From Paula —
The shamanic teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields transformed my life through self-healing, self-discovery and self-empowerment. I found my personal connection to Spirit/God, reclaimed my spiritual heritage and discovered the “magical” in life. In turn, I became a better physician because the shamanic perspective enabled me to communicate in a holistic and healing way with people. I learned to see beyond the physical; to hear the unspoken words, and to intuitively discern the connection between mind, body and spirit so that I am better able to facilitate movement, as a partner with the client in the healing process.