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2004 Sacred Luminaria CD Pkg

2004 Sacred Luminaria CD Pkg

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Sacred Luminaria (6 CD set)

Each year at Joshua Tree, we record the teachings, meditations and ceremonies of our gatherings. This 6 CD set covers the Joshua Tree Gathering for 2004. 

The Meditations include:  Guardian Animal Spirit - Keeper Of the Brain - Finding Your Core Essence - Working With the Oracles - Understanding Joy - inner Flame - Dreaming

"Sacred Luminaria, Igniting the Fires of Joy" with Shaman Teacher Lynn Andrews -

"Love is intimate ,immortal, cellular and universal, an ocean sanctuary pulsing with the purity of life. Light shines through the leaves of existence,casting veils to be set free, designs of duality. Let's go back to our source. Go home to other worlds and this world, where love is the doorway,ecstasy the key, and wisdom the light." Lynn Andrews

In this CD set from Lynn's 16th Annual Spring "Joshua Tree" Gathering, Lynn shows us how to find and work with our Guardian Power Animal, a guardian spirit that is unique to each of us, that comes from Second Attention, the world of spirit, into First Attention, the physical world, to aid you. She teaches us how to go into the symbols of the sacred dream wheel of the unconscious, where we become whole, healed , and empowered, able to transcend our egos and the thinking mind in order to let spirit come in and ignite the flame of our inner joy and wisdom.