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2024 3rd Annual Spring Gathering "Gathering of the Wolf Clan" MP3 PKG

2024 3rd Annual Spring Gathering "Gathering of the Wolf Clan" MP3 PKG

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During this event you will be introduced to ways to peel away the “window dressing” of your everyday life, to traverse the wildness of your soul, to remember how to travel the pathways of time and find that part of the self that knows the primal dance of life. Learning to remember how to feel Mother Earth’s energies, feel your true energy and know the rhythm of your heart and connection to the Great Universe. You can find freedom that may not have been available before. You will be able to access prisms of your special light that have been buried. Allowing you the opportunity to rediscover hidden beauty and wisdom that lives within you.

The Wolf Clan will be your guides and your teachers. As you journey with them, your receptive nature and open heart will experience the lessons that await you in the wilderness of your soul.

As with all sacred transitions there will be a special art project designed for you to express your movement. It is intended to help you create a re-enchantment with the everyday sacredness in your life and quicken you.

These teachings are from 2024 Spring Gathering at Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Thursday - April 4 to Sunday April 7, 2024.

Over 6 hours of teachings, prayer, meditations.

This set includes:

     Participant Booklet

     Daily Exercises

     Meet your Wolf Power Animal Meditation

     Power Animal of the Mask Lecture & Meditation

     Introduction to Your Sacred Task & Directions

     Face of Power Lecture & Meditation

     Holding Power Lecture

     Path of Heart Meditation

     Journey with the Whale Clan Lecture & Meditation

     Teaching of Grandmother Wolf

     Journey to Grandmother Wolf Meditation

     The Four Rungs of Love Lecture

     Building Your New Spirit Lodge Meditation


     Questions and Answer sessions

The Participant's Booklet contains:

Daily Exercises

Instructions for making a mask

Meditation questions

A Directional Wheel