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Butterfly Tree Meditation

Butterfly Tree Meditation

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There is only love, and that love permeates your being. In everything that you are and everything that you do, there is no separation between you and this life force because in fact, you are that life force. The Great Spirit is your other face. There is no death to that life force. It is part of you for all of your life and all of your lifetimes. When you physically die, your body returns to earth, and your spirit is reborn in the Great Spirit.

Know that you are a very special and profound human being, that you alone climbed to the top of this great tree of mystery and that indeed, spirit and body are one, that you are united with the Great Spirit and your spirit shield forever. Lynn V. Andrews

 Description: The Sacred Tree of Life has been an ancient shamanic symbol throughout the ages. This meditation takes you on an Initiation of Spirit within the Butterfly Tree.

This is a meditation from a Joshua Tree event 2009 Calling in the Thunder Beings – The Art of Seeing.