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Dark Sister - SC - Book 10

Dark Sister - SC - Book 10

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Dark Sister, A Sorcerer’s Love Story, Book 10 of the Medicine Woman Series

Dark Sister  tells the story of Sin Corazón, a woman of the Sisterhood of the Shields who got lost in the dark mysteries of her soul and unleashed the full fury of her rage when her husband abandoned her for another woman.  Sin Corazón’s story is a story of domination, deception, retaliation and ultimately the triumph of love that shows us that it is not just safe, it is imperative for each of us to plumb the depths of our own inner truth to rid ourselves of the Shadow Dwellers, the negative aspects of our being that reside in our ego minds and feed off our fears, ripping us to shreds if we let them.   It is a book about the choices between love and evil in life, about how decisions are made within each of us and about how a woman can regain her own sense of integrity and peace.

'Many women have said to me, when they see one woman turning against another, that we have so much anger toward the world for not being heard and not being recognized and not being able to be who we truly are in life that it doesn’t matter whom we hurt, we just want to lash out.  Maybe that’s true.  Women have been under siege for so long, and when you think that nine million women and children were burned during the Inquisitions, you realize that women have a long, even cellular history and remembrance of that kind of pain and subjugation to ignorance.

'And maybe it’s not true.  I think the course of darkness, which some people may call evil, chooses no sex.  And whether it’s woman against woman or man against man, the issue is not woman or man.  The issue to be examined is the darkness itself.'

What others say about Dark Sister:
With this tenth book in the bestselling Medicine Woman series, Lynn Andrews writes her most suspenseful and provocative work yet, exploring the dark side of a woman’s power.  In doing so, she examines the most powerful and destructive aspects of the human psyche and shows us how to find the strength and courage within ourselves to heal them.

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  • Copyright : 1995
  • Pages : 272
  • Publisher : HarperPerennial
  • Type : Paperback
  • Illustrator : Ginny Joyner
  • Language : English
  • ISBN : 0060927658

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