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Medicine Woman Visions: The Shamanic Law of Grace #3

Medicine Woman Visions: The Shamanic Law of Grace #3

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"In this course, what I want you to see is that all of the difficulty in life is really a gift, a harmonic written by the Universe to take you to the very place you most want to go. The Shamanic Law of Grace tells us that we survive hardship through gratitude. That sounds like such a contradiction of terms – it is almost impossible to feel grateful for hardship when you are struggling through it. And yet, the very thing that moves you out of difficulty and into a world of magic and abundance is gratitude. It is the key that opens the door to all possibilities that shows you the trail towards the life of balance, harmony and abundance that we all crave and are trying to find.

            We will learn more about the Law of Grace, look back and see where it has revealed itself to us in the past, even if we weren’t aware at the time, and discover our own path into a life of abundance and joy. Ruby Plenty Chiefs lives a life of abundance, and is filled with the joy of all life that surrounds and fills her. She is truly a living example of the Shamanic Law of Grace."  Lynn V. Andrews

Included:  Self-Guided Course -The Shamanic Law of Grace Handbook pdf, 2005 JT Self Worth Meditation and 2008 JT Womb of Creation Meditation.


The Pathway of Gratitude

Shaman Breathing

Moving Into your Life Force

The Importance of Self Worth

Insights from Self Worth Meditation task sheet

Forgiveness is essential

Blocks that hold us back from Grace and Abundance

Finding the Grace in Forgiveness

The Importance of Moments. 

From the 2017 Online Course, Medicine Woman Visions; Returning to the Basics of Shamanism.  This is the 3rd teaching in the series.

From the 2017 Joshua Tree Medicine Woman Visions MP3 Pkg

You will get a PDF with links to download files separately as they are too large for one file. 

We offer each of the four courses within a series individually. This allows you to go on a Self Guided Journey and pick and choose how you will approach the materials.  Within a given series the Online courses are designed to allow you to begin where ever you choose. Example: If you decide to take series two, there is enough reference material from series one for you begin series two.  

All the meditations are contained within the course handbook.